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Boom 💥 fans of BAÏKI must be feeling relieved after waiting Soo long for this masterpiece to be released. Well he titled this one “Les Boites” and trust me when I say good music knows no lingual boundaries, sometimes the beats and vocals are enough to enjoy a masterpiece man. It’s no doubt that people actually understand this music sh** better than others and BAÏKI here who comes from Belgium has indeed created music that talks about life and how we all wanna be free from what holds us back or the problems life throw at us using boxes and images that sends a strong message from the studios of Studio La Rivière and EQUUS.

BAÏKI who is the brains behind this masterpiece, has put together a beautiful comps that portrays how fast our lives are. He did all this using vocals, guitars, bass, and virtual drums that creates a unique sound and visuals that talks about the struggles around our lives and how we aspire to break free from it

With the song coming along with a music video to help give listeners a good perspective of what BAÏKI is trying to achieve, he teamed up with Yves Huppen, who helped in bringing this amazing storyline into visuals by creating a thought-provoking video that matches the music. The video paints a clear picture of what the song is trying to portray and that means even if you don’t understand the language the video is there guide you.

The lyrics talks about the idea of living in boxes, at home, school, or work. After when work is done we put down the pen and there comes responsibilities, the headaches those brings and the thoughts of moving from a comfy zone into a chaos world makes it just hard  BAÏKI’s fast flow on the beats showcases that fast-paced lives. Due to the rush in the quest to have the best life, we often overlook what’s really at stake around us, especially when all we do is making sure we don’t loose our job or position in the company, it’s a beautiful song, the concept is clean af and the lyrics really hit hard when it’s exactly what you facing.

BAÏKI’s song and concept tells us to rethink of what we put our focus on. The blend of music and visuals prompts reflects on the fine line between protection and confinement. “Les Boites” is a song that suggests a new direction, inviting us to step outside our comfort zones and embrace the unknown.

BAÏKI’s “Les Boites” is more than just a song, it’s an experience that inspires self-analysis and talks the spirit of rebellion against obedience. Take a moment to break free from your boxes and join this musical and visual adventure. 🎶 Make sure to check him out on the links below;





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