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What do I always tell you guys about debuts? Haha, see nothing beats debuts cos that’s where you get to see the artist vision and get feel what he’s made of. Debuts are always where all the goodies are and that’s why you should never miss on debuts. And this album right here by Solwater titled”Feel it all the Way,” just underlines what I always say. This debut album is an 8 track masterpiece that takes listeners through a touching journey through the depths of human emotions and experience. The album was Co-produced by songwriter Luke Anderson and renowned musician and producer John Alevizakis, and just that you should know you’re in for some sweet rollercoaster ride filled with soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics that will resonate with you deeply.

Setting the stage for the rest of the album to follow is the track “Belonging.” This track lays the bed for the emotional journey about to happen, as the lyrics lay emphasis on themes of grief, longing, and healing. Sometimes it’s gone and we can’t do anything about it and wish we actually could have, then we are hit with much pain that lets you feel like why didn’t you save them or save it when you could’ve? And now you’ve to deal with their absence and wish they were there to even comfort you and give you a shoulder to lean on, but now you’re just grieving like a river. They gone, you can’t do anything about it then cry your heart out and he drowned in your tears and heal from the pain. Then the tone in which Solwater sings this just gets you soo emotional and the atmosphere of the song lets you ponder and reflect on those memories, those moments where you could have saved everything, then those haunting vocals infused with those heavenly melodies of the guitar strikes your soul and all you can do is weep out of pain. The next track after this track is something extraordinary and I want you to find out for yourself, it’s titled Fears falling away”. See if you don’t fall in love with this track, come back here and lemme know.

Then as the album progresses you meet this track titled “Feel It All the Way”. An amazing track that just calms your soul and ask you to embrace the full spectrum of human emotion. The track starts beautifully with these intricate guitar strings which translates into a fusion with drums beats, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into intimacy and vulnerability that the lyrics portrays. Then the song goes on to ask you to converse with your inner man, love that inner man and embrace it for that’s you, the real you. Man the vocals, sweet Jesus and those backing vocalist just makes me soo emotional and filled with joy. I love this track and it’s ma favorite on the album. One thing that’s evident throughout the album is how beautiful each track is and how they all carry distinctive message and creativity. In whatever you do or whatever that happens, connect deeply with your emotions and find joy and peace in your own problems, for it’s what that makes us human, our flaws, our problems, our mistakes, it’s what makes us. Man I fuck with this album and I love it.

Bringing the album to a grand ending is the song titled “Jaguar Calling”. See I love how this album has it all, and I love how the last track is this one. This track is purely instrumental, with this animal sounds that acts as the jaguar calling with those flutes shinning through the track and taking the listener on a musical journey they’ve never been before. The track has this feel of wonder, it’s like an animal lost in the jungle and now have to make a distinctive sound that only his own type can know, so while wondering in the jungle they become familiar with the world around them. Such a masterpiece, you just can’t roam the world without knowing it, you can’t ask for help if you don’t what your problem is, you cant love someone if you don’t know and love yourself, so in everything make sure you know what you’re exploring. It’s a song that offers a serene environment for the listener to connect with nature.

Well to me this is an album that should be on your weekend’s playlist and on your favorite playlist as well. Solwater really crafted this album, with it’s deep lyrics, melodious beats, and top notch delivery, i say “Feel it all the Way” is indeed a masterpiece that deserves your attention, it’s a solid 10/10 album. So why don’t you go ahead and give the album a a listen and have a wonderful weekend. ENJOY!! Make sure to check him out on the links below for more;





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