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Well often a lot we make decisions that we think are better for us all and sometimes we have to swallow the most painful pain to make a decision that’s life changing or life crashing. When life hits us hard with adversities, then we have to keep fighting to move on, then there comes moments where we see glimpses of hope and then we can’t help but keep going and then sometimes we just have to let it go and start all over. This what the power trio “The Jinny Joes” has for us on their latest track titled “Will You Try?”. A song that is very powerful and talks about human emotions, from grief all through to moments when we have to make some very hard decisions that changes the course of our lives forever. I guess this is gonna be an emotional rollercoaster ride, so let’s see how the journey goes.

Now this song Will You Try is a very calm and intriguing song that lay emphasis on themes of grief, transitions, and how sometimes we gotta take make the hardest decision and live with it while still providing some sort of hope and resilience. Whether it turns out to be good or not, you just gotta live with it, so are you gonna go with flow or break away? Are you gonna sway away from that dream you’ve built from scratch and start afresh? Or you gonna stay and see if that dream can actualize? Then the beats on which the vocals rides on just makes it soo emotional and let’s you reflect on some moments in your life where you experienced such problems. With vocals from Rebecca Egan & Joanna DeGrâce, Alain Gaudet on drums and special guest contributions from Richard Irwin on drums and Salomé Perli on piano, this song becomes one of the most real and emotionally relatable songs you’ll hear this year and it is just amazing. As the song goes on , lines like “ you’ll be alright” and “Will you go with the flow or break out of the mold?”, tells the listener that no matter what you’re going through, If you stand up, stand firm , face it head on and fight through, you’ll be alright and standing at the top when it all comes to end. Or will you break that dream and start freshly? It’s like you have a special mould that works but now it’s seems outdated to you but it’s what makes your work unique, so are you gonna change your ways to keep up with the market demands or you gonna continue following you dreams because life’s all about chasing your dreams and always trying to get better. The contemplation it leaves you in, the emotional depth and the way the song consumes you and let’s you dive into the feel of the artist makes it soo special and amazing. That’s how you make a song and that’s Jinny Joes for you, so will you try?

Well The Jinny Joes’ “Will You Try?” Produced in collaboration with Azëe, is a song that anyone who’s a little down in life and needs a little motivation will find solace in and resonate deeply with it. It’s a melodic anthem that makes you think through and get the best decision, it gives you room to ponder and then leaves you freely to make it while pushing you to the edge and asking you to keep going. So why don’t you go ahead and let the song transport you into its atmosphere while enjoying it. Have a wonderful week and ENJOY!! Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;






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