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I always say music is something that is to be enjoyed and consumed as a food for the soul, so when you get some good music make sure you devour it and milk it dry. Sometimes emotions can really be a factor for which people consume music, their mood swings, their current state in life and where they headed to also makes them decide which kinda song to be consumed. But music based on emotions are the ones that are mostly consumed these days and such is what Marie Möör and The Other Colours have for us on their new EP titled “The End Hollywood”. What’s important about this EP is it actually marks a very significant milestone in their careers and it also shows how talented they are to be able to effortlessly mix electronic and symphonic music together to make this EP. The moment you hit the play button on the EP, you just realize you’re in for a treat from the first track. It’s a 3 track EP that lay emphasis on emotions, rebellion and resilience.

Lighting the EP into flames is the first track titled “The End”. A track which features Marie’s vocals and Laurent Chambers’s amazing production skills. This track is mostly beats with this haunting vocals whispering and creating this atmosphere that sends chills down the spine of the listener’s emotions. Then the energy and intensity the beats comes with also ginger the listener to keep going and find their true self irrespective of the noise or whispers people may be doing, just be focus and carry the strength to deal with your emotions. What’s unique about the song is those subtle changes in instrumentation throughout the song, perfectly complementing the song’s message and intensity. Such a beautiful way to start an album. And next we have is the title track of the EP “The End Hollywood”. This song is just basically a commentary on the music and entertainment industry as a whole and this is a song you most definitely need to listen to. Those piano melodies creating suspense, intense, and haunting atmosphere makes it an intriguing piece to dive into. The slow melodious piano chords blended with those haunting whispering vocals just changes the whole listening experience and makes it an immersive one. As the song goes on it also talks about rebellion and resistance while also urging listeners to stand up for themselves and forge their own paths in life. The EP then comes to a close with the song “Hollywood”. Marie Möör and The Other Colours made this song sound so dreamy, the beats , the vocals and the instruments are all perfectly balanced making this the perfect ending for the for the EP. The repetition of the line “It’s a pretty day” creates a sense of tranquility and serenity transporting listeners into a blissful state of mind.


Well “The End Of Hollywood” EP ain’t just your regular EP, this folk EP is sounds nothing like anything you’ve heard before, with the language mixture of English and French, you’re in for a treat that’s is haunting, thought-provoking and immersive. So why don’t you go ahead and have a melodic listening experience with this EP throughout the week. If you’re a fan of Indie electronic music then this EP is definitely a must-listen for you and you’ll be left in awe wanting more, and to other music listeners there’s always room for something new and trust me, you’re gonna love it. So go ahead and enjoy the EP. Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;




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