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Have you had a listen at some music that’s soo nature yet refined and beautifully resonate with you deeply. You see, those kinda music that just infuses nature surroundings and textures into its creation, binding together the listener and their environment. This is exactly the kinda album William Sanford has for us with his latest album dubbed “Deep Mollusca”. This album is beautiful and worth it, especially with the way it blends nature with distinctive sound elements from musical instruments is wholesome. You don’t get these good ones anymore but trust me, you gonna fell in love with as soon as you hit that play button. So grab your seatbelt and let’s get on this rollercoaster ride.

Now the first song on the album “The Pelagic Plunge,” really sets the scene for our the entire album to follow. This beautiful melodic anthem captures listeners attention with the way it implores the eardrums to dive into a chasm in surrender or despair. The track starts beautifully with this whirlwind and birds screaming when you’re at a riverside where trees are present, making you feel the vibe of nature sounds and giving you a platform to enjoy your lonely moments or your wonderful memories. What I love about this track is how short and delicate it is. As we delve deeper we encounter many creatures of the Mollusca phylum, all of them an enigma unto themselves. The instruments convey a sense of the oceanic topography, with its long, dark, featureless expanses and its alien inhabitants. Then as the album goes on you’re met with this track, “The Terrifyingly Beautiful Lives of Sea Angels”. This track starts beautifully like an EDM song, it blends nature sounds with electronic beats and makes it soo intriguing and beautiful too. I love the way it allows the listener to shake away those moments of fear after they have been through a hectic day.

It’s like a journey, just when you’ve seen what you don’t wanna see under the sea, this track comes in with it energy and drive to get you in a danceable mood to help you shake off those bad memories. Such creativity is what sets this album apart from your mainstream arts. Through the haunting, beautiful melodies and themes of predation and the frailty of existence, standing partly out against the major predators and dangers, this track becomes a moment of shaking away those fears and move on. Then you’re transported to this song dubbed “Dentalium’s Detritus Dinner”. A song that offers a quite fulfilling and completely immersive experience to forget one’s surroundings altogether. It’s like a beacon of hope and makes you savour every moment while focusing on your future and forgetting your worries. This track is also an EDM like track that just sweeps you off your feet with its electrifying beats and grooves, just when you think you’ve had it all, this track comes with a twist towards the end with an even slow temp beats. Which allows you to enjoy and infuse yourself into the track’s atmosphere more.

Throughout the album as a whole, you realize how Sanford’s strengths in music and composition comes with mostly inspirations from his influences like Shpongle, Boards Of Canada etc., some of them. And even perhaps the album flags a bit toward dark territory, but there is still that sense of squalor, that gleam in its conclusion. This album Deep Mollusca really offers listeners a beautiful journey into both the depths of the ocean end and nature itself. With strong musical textures, vivid melodies and introspective lyrics drawn from a deep well, it tells timeless stories about life itself as well. Not only did this album made me feel that it wasn’t just good to listen to, but every part of the story line has a strong foundation. With each track offering a part to the story. It’s a masterpiece that deserves your attention and trust me, you’re going to love it. The way the track’s were arranged with each creating tension as we move from deep dark valleys of suffering to places illuminated by sunlight, you get this great feeling that just puts smiles on you face.

Well this album Deep Mollusca ain’t just your regular album, it’s captivating, intriguing and above all mesmerizing. Even tho the album may touch on dark themes but that final note of hope is still there and I love how Sanford created this one. It offer listeners latest a journey through distinct sound textures, sharp melodies and introspective lyrics that strikes your soul deeply and gets you glued till the end. So go ahead and give this album a listen and enjoy your weekends. Make sure to check him out on the links below for more;





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