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Sometimes in this world, you need to have that one person who, no matter what, will stand by you or will be your source of hope even when everyone is gone. Especially in difficult times when you seek solace and comfort, you will need that one person who’s presence or memories will be your save haven. And that person can also be music and that’s why you can never downplay the impact of music on our lives. So if the work becomes too much for you, I want you to know music can also be the perfect person you need. And that’s why Gary Dranow, along with The Manic Emotions, has brought us a fresh wave of rock infused with rich storytelling in their latest single, “When The World Is Too Much.” Well we all know Gary and his crew and the way they blend their songs, and man o man, you’re gonna be wowed by this one. Well Incase you’re new and don’t know Gary and his crew, then their band comprises of Gary Dranow who is the Composer, Writer, Lyricist, and Guitarist, based in Park City, Utah, then they have Klim Apalkov who’s the Vocalist, Keyboardist, and Arranger from Kaniv, Ukraine, leading the group Midgard. Then we have man man here Roman Kuznetsov, the Guitarist and Sound Engineer from Kaniv, Ukraine, together they make music that will leave you asking for more and feel connected forever.

Now this song “When The World Is Too Much” is a really intriguing, well crafted masterpiece. The moment you hit the play button, you feel how each member’s unique talents shines through, then the way they blend modern production techniques with heartfelt songwriting, you just don’t wanna stop listening. The moment you hit the play button, you’re met with an evocative lyrics that immediately captures your attention, and leaves you in a feeling where you’re overwhelmed by the world. It’s like the song creates this atmosphere where you’re surrounded by chaos around the world, especially in the US here, where anywhere you pass, those noisy political stuffs just won’t let you rest, and you seek to rather have a point of focus where all these chaos won’t matter. Then as the song goes on you hear lines like “When I find the world is too much for me, just think of you, and it lets me be” hinting at the complexities of modern life while finding solace and resilience in music or someone special. The way the song transports you into this dreamland where you’re surrounded by chaos and struggles but you’re in closet where you just enjoying your moments with that person or music. It’s like those moments blocks you from hearing the noise going on around you, especially with its soulful vocals soothing your ears and comforting you, you just don’t wanna be bothered. Then just when you thought you’ve heard it all, the chorus, becomes a source of hope and comfort in a world surrounded by chaos. And one thing you can’t just get enough of is the instrumental arrangement, those emotive guitar riffs and a solid rhythm section, complements the song’s introspective lyrics beautifully, leaving you in awe and in a long sleep that you don’t wanna be awake.

Well Gary Dranow & The Manic Emotions have delivered a compelling single with “When The World Is Too Much.” To me they have created a masterpiece that strikes your soul, connects you to the song’s atmosphere and leave you to dream and forget about all your problems by enjoying moments with your special someone, it’s soothing, calms you and leaves a lasting impression on you. With its deep resonating lyrics, melodic beats and masterful production, I say this is a solid 10/10 project that deserves your attention, so why don’t you go ahead and give this song a listen. ENJOY!! Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;





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