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Love they say has it own way of finding anyone and sometimes you may not even be prepared, then it comes and sweep you away. And when you’re invested in it, the most unthinkable happens, leaving you devastated, broken and left with memories of them, memories that won’t let you be, lingering around and making you think about them but when you finally gets to move on, they become history. But are they gonna be on the right or wrong side of our history? Well such an amazing body of work is what Rye Catchers has for us on their latest single titled “History-(Nikki Simmons reprise),” a song from their latest album titled “Mixed Messages”. If you don’t know Rye Catchers, then you’re probably living in the stone age, this beautiful band has the ability to blend genres and eras effortlessly with the way they deliver beautiful rich sounds for listeners to enjoy. Now what’s amazing about this Wisconsin-based band, led by songwriter and producer David McClintick Roberts, is how they push the boundaries of music with their innovative mix of pop, rock, and electronic music.

Now if you chance on the album, you realize the song that opens the album is the beautiful track “History-(Nikki Simmons reprise).” This track immediately takes you to the ’80s’ with its power pop elements that catches your attention the moment you hit that play button. You’re then met with this beautiful vocals that sweeps you off your feet with its catchy hook, the song then goes on to talk about the pain, memories and let’s you reflect on past relationships. When you really wanna move on from those pain, hurt, and frustrations, then the memories of them begins to set in and leaves you wishing you were together, but then you don’t even want that. But then another part of you wants to know if they thinking of you, if they even realize what they gonna loose by letting you go, and then there’s you who also wants them to know that the moment you walk out, there’s no coming back. Then also sending a message to them that, when they go, they will be walking on the wrong side of history, cos they would be alone and you wouldn’t be there.

The pain of heartbreak, the memories of moments, the yearn to be together again and the pain of what could change, all captured in the song, telling us to sometimes let go irrespective of what could have been. Don’t settle for less, don’t settle for something that makes you feel alone, don’t be in a relationship that makes you feel you’re being favoured by them loving you. Sometimes get the courage and walk away and let them be history this time, don’t come back again, prioritize yourself and enjoy life. The beauty about this song is it’s energy and tempo, the beats are just amazing and very nostalgic, it creates this tears of joy and let’s you feel some sort of happiness of being free from such a disastrous relationship. It also takes you to this dreamy land where you’re dancing and singing to the song, so they could hear you and realize what they’ve lost. Such a beautiful song that frees the spirit of the listener and gives them courage and hope to enjoy life. Another track on the album that you need to check out is the song titled “Anything.” Man the bass line and the beats of this song, hahaha you just don’t wanna miss out, you just can’t resist it, it infectious energy and drive makes it another uplifting track that you yearn for.

Well “History-(Nikki Simmons reprise)” by Rye Catchers is indeed a masterpiece, the amount of details to attention in this track, yet very simple, then the deep heartfelt lyrics coming in with those power pop elements, you just can’t stop yourself from enjoying it. It’s captivating, intriguing and above all very entertaining. The song’s message is clear and storyline just perfect, it’s a song that you can’t play it once, and before you realize, it’s already on your favorite playlist. So why don’t you go ahead and enjoy this amazing track. ENJOY!! Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;



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