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Finding a good love has become something that seems impossible due to the lack of trust and respect these days, everybody wanna explore and thus leaves people who wants an actual love life a space to not to. And even if you find one, it either end badly or crazily in a way that you never expected. True love has become something like a precious gem that can’t be found easily even if you do everything right. So now it’s either try and error till you meet that one person who becomes irreplaceable and now you’re the bad person and you suddenly loose them. Love, loss along as time passes by is what ma man here Bad Bubble, a solo project led by a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, has for us on his latest single titled “Hozar.” A song that is hauntingly beautiful and filled with melodic beats and sounds that will leave you wanting for more. Bad Bubble who is known for his beautiful use of synths, keyboards, guitar, programming, vocals, and bass to craft music that deep, amazing and resonating as well. He’s crafted a track that actually lets you get consumed by its beats, while opening you up to ponder on its heartfelt lyrics that lays down throughout the song.

But what I actually love about Bad Bubble is his ability to do it all, from instrumentation, to song writing to recording, he does it all and therefore you get to feel what his creative mind is, it’s like he makes his creations come out like an open brain of him, so listeners can experience him and his creativity. When you listen to his songs, you realize how it’s heavily influenced by the synthpop genre, he actually blends them with nostalgia elements yet touches it with a modern vibe that makes his tracks stands out. Now this song “Hozar” is really beautiful, the way it starts curiously with those electronic pop beats meeting with the melodic synth bass line which then merges with those vocals is wholesome. It creates this thirst for the listener to keep listening and see how the track pans out. The song then goes on to lay emphasis love, loss and the passage of time. The song creates this introspective atmosphere with its beats and consumes the listeners attention and puts them in a mood where they reflect on the affection, longing and isolation they experience from their love life. Sometimes you’re soo down and isolated soo much that you begin to yearn for that person, you begin to let them know, you’re the one that needs them, vulnerability kicks in and makes you long for them, it makes you come clean and wish they with you. But then where are they? When you need them most, when you want them to be the shoulder they promised to be, your thoughts are consumed with emotions that won’t go away especially when those synths begins to get broader. It puts you on a night alone, sitting by your window and wishing your love was with you, such a beautiful track that actually sends shivers down your spine. I love how Bad Bubble made the vocals less piercing and rather increased that of the beats, it let you ponder, analyze and sober in peace while hugging your pillow. Now that’s how you create music to actually strike the soul of the listener and to make them part of the song and not just enjoy the music, you get them in the feels of you and let them taste your emotions.

Well Hozar by Bad Bubble is indeed an amazing body of work, the way he crafted and mastered this piece is unmatched, his attention to detail and ability to pen down deep emotional lyrics is really captivating. You don’t get many good ones like these, so when you chance on one, make sure to devour it. And when you do make sure to check this track from him out also, the song titled “This is for Kori,” the story behind that track is just something you don’t wanna miss, which can be found on here too. This song Hozar has indeed turned out to be a song that’s thought-provoking, intriguing and beautiful, so why don’t you go ahead and give it a listen and experience the power of music. ENJOY!! Make sure to check him out on the links below for more;






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