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Sometimes it’s ain’t like you don’t wanna leave that relationship or you’re too happy in the relationship, but you see those moments where their love is like a fire, it burns if touched and shines when there’s darkness, the exact feeling is what South Florida’s rising star, Myah, has penned down on her latest single “Hurricane.” If you know her or have heard of, you’d know she’s one artist who posses this unique blend of alternative rock, pop, and pop-punk melodies, and on this new single, she has crafted a sound that is both nostalgically familiar but strikingly new. The moment you hit that play button, you begin to ask who or what influences her, well her influence ranges from Arctic Monkeys to Twenty-One Pilots. Such an amazing body of work that deserves your attention, what’s beautiful is, the moment you hit that play button, you just wanna sleep in the songs atmosphere and be left alone to feel its magic.

Now this song “Hurricane” is really captivating, the song captures Myah’s signature style with its alt-rock-punk vibe layered over commercial pop elements. The moment you hit the play button, you hear this acoustic guitar strings which immediately puts you into a curious moment, then those driving beat and infectious guitar riffs, intensifies your curiosity and transports you into an atmosphere filled with emotions. Then as the song progresses, you realize how you fall in love with its hook because of it’s catchy nature and easy to sing along. Then the lyrics goes on to lay emphasis on the touching exploration of chaotic love. Yeah, a love life where one can’t seem to pull themselves out of it because it’s filled with romantic gestures and yet has its literal storms that often hit you hard. As the song goes on, you hear lines like “you are my little Hurricane, and I don’t want you to dissipate” which hints at the excitement and danger of a love that turns your world upside down. What’s beautiful and really intriguing about the song is that particular switch which takes the whole listening experience to another level, adding depth and beautiful experience to the song’s nature. Now that’s how you make a song that stays with the listener forever and makes them wants more.

Well, Hurricane by Myah is really an intriguing masterpiece. The way she crafted the lyrics, with it’s catchy hooks, blended with some beautiful storytelling which pans out like a dark humor, I can say I now understand why fans call her “Emo Taylor Swift,” cos that’s what she is. Her ability to convey complex emotions through beautiful melodies is really unmatched and that’s why you should listen to her and not just this track. What I can say is, the delivery, depth of lyrics and those beats, makes this masterpiece a 10/10 banger. So why don’t you go ahead and give this beauty of a song a listen and have a wonderful week ahead. ENJOY!! Make sure to check her out on the links below for more;




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