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Following the release of their debut EP “Through Waves” in 2022 which was a mega hit, the band “SWiiMS” is back again with a new album titled “Into The Blue Night” which they say is way better than “Through Waves” and that is why fans just can’t wait for it to released. If this is your first time hearing about SWiiMS then let just give a little bit of history about them. The band is made up of guitarist Colin Thompson, lead vocalist Mai Diaz Langou and bassist Cian O’Ruanaidh and they make music in a lot of genres like Brit Rock, New Wave, Dream Pop and Shoegaze and that is what makes them so special.

The lead single of the album is “All I Die For”. This song perfectly gives you a taste of what the rest of the album is gonna be like. The song basically talks about the early stages of a relationship where everyone tries to do everything to impress the other and the lyrics and beats just makes it perfect. People say when the relationship is new, everyone wants to put all their efforts in it and prove they are different and that makes early stages of relationships awesome but can it last forever?? Well that’s all up to us, what I’ll say is make it count..put all your effort in it, be free minded like you’ve never loved before and enjoy every moment. This is a song everyone have go to listen, it’s soothing and beautifully crafted.

Another song on the album that you simply can’t pass by is “Chemicals”. This song talks about the power of love and also talks about how falling in love feels like you’re levitating, this is indeed a very beautiful song. Sometimes we can’t even control the power our partners have over us, sometimes makes you wish you never let them know the power they have over you, as in they are your weakness. But the feeling of having someone that loves you and being loved hits different when you jam to this song. This album is whole vibe and filled made with love. Go stream the sh** out of this album cos it’s a solid album.

And the song that brings the album to an end, “Diving In”. This song beautifully talks about the ups and downs in relationships and also the struggle between reason and consequences in life. The lyrics are so deep, this is the perfect song for anyone who likes songs that carry a very meaningful message. There’s no perfect relationship without it ups and downs, but how you deal with those makes that relationship perfect. And this song gives a clear picture of the struggles in relationships and life as a whole. All I can say is this album was made for me and I’m enjoying every bit of it. SWiiMS you guys are beasts🔥🔥.

“Into The Blue Night” shows how far the band has gotten since their debut, they’ve really grown and are trying their very best to polish their music to perfection. This is an album that carries a very special message on each track and in my humble opinion, this is truly a work of art. So stream this album and get on the vibe train to get your mind blown. Make sure to check them out on the links below;





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