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Recorded in Marigny Studio in New Orleans and engineered by Ben Lorio, Jeb Rault is back again with another masterpiece, his new album “Rising”. With a supporting cast including Lee Schwartz on drums, Logan Emory on rhythm guitar and Matt Wisdom on bass, along with guest appearances by New Orleans talents like Wayne Lohr on keys, Joe Crachiola on sax, and Charlie Denard on grand piano, “Rising”, is set to be one of Jeb Rault’s best creation ever.

But wait here’s the catch, Of all the 10 tracks on the album,the 3 that really stands out to me is “Pretty Picture”, “My Mountain Girl” and “On the Top of the Mountain”. Don’t worry, i’m gonna give you a little insight as to what each song is about. Don’t wanna spoil the fun 😉 and be a spoiler haha. But believe me the album is really solid. Jeb Rault really cooked this one with the best of ingredients there is, so just know you’re in for something hot and spicy🔥.

Let’s start off with “Pretty Picture”, the song that opens the album. The songs talks about how time goes on and the memories that are in pretty picture frames. Wait wait did you remember any pretty picture memory in your thoughts? Oh dang right. We all have those beautiful moments life gave us, some which we framed so as to not forget and always be reminded of them. The vocals , the instruments and the lyrics talks about the bittersweet nature of remembering things while trying to move on.

Next is “My Mountain Girl”. This song talks about the joy in being with someone you love and how amazing relationships can be. It is really a beautiful song everyone should listen to. A song made with love and pure magic haha, I enjoyed this one a lot, I wish everyone had that mountain girl in their lives. Find love, find someone that loves you and or let someone love you, you deserve it. And this song couldn’t have said it any better!!

The last track that ends the album is “On the Top of the Mountain”. The lyrics speaks about cool winds at the mountain’s summit and the intense sunlight in the valley below which is actually a metaphor for the ups and downs in life . We can’t be up there without going through the valleys down there and that’s life. So keep pushing, keep climbing there’s a cool wind at the top waiting to be enjoyed. The whole album is really fireworks, wow and you gotta listen to it from top to down, there’s a reason the album has been arranged in that way. Find out the secret when you start listening from top to down. ENJOY!!

“Rising” shows how much Jeb Rault has grown as an artist and how much more he can evolve over the years too. The is now available on all major streaming platforms so give it a listen, and don’t forget to click on the links below for more info;


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