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Josh Sky and his crew are back again with another banger titled “Fairytales”. With Josh Sky on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Devin Forness on percussion, AJ Debellis on bass and Derek Callender on lead guitar and keys, this EP is nothing like they’ve made before. They actually got together during the COVID-19 pandemic and since then they’ve been making songs and working on polishing their talents while taking their music to the next level.

The band has actually had some notable gigs, including opening for Minneapolis local legends Night Moves in front of 600 people. They once planned a band trip to Colorado, but three out of seven members got arrested for possession of mushrooms. While they learned chess in a southern Minnesota jail, the rest of the band had a blast in Colorado. Oh haha that’s crazy.

The EP was recorded at Northern Exposure Recording and Minnehaha Recording Company. The EP talks about letting go and how it is like after a breakup. It talks about how hard it is to move on but you still have to. One of the best parts of this EP is the intro which was voiced by actor Evan Olson which is supposed to remind listeners of Jim Carrey’s bit in The Weeknd’s “Dawn FM”. In the words of Dr. Snooze, “You’re listening to Dr. Snooze, take a deep breath in, relax, and LET GO.”

“Fairytales” is all about finding peace in music and letting go of whatever doesn’t benefit your life anymore. Often a time we hold on to things that we don’t need for too long. Somethings are worth keeping but sometimes it’s better to let go. Let’s say you in a relationship and you feel your partner doesn’t love you like you do, but they always assure you of it going to get better. But you’d wait and wait and it’s even getting worse but you still keeping them cos of their assurances but it’s time to let go. Don’t keep someone or something that doesn’t wanna be kept. Don’t live in a fairy world where you can change things with magic, just let go and be at peace with yourself. Why hold on to grudges for long and be having heartaches about them?? When you can let go off it easily and be at peace.

So If you’re having a hard time moving on with your life then Fairytales EP is exactly what you need. It’s filled with a powerful message, beautiful soothing vocals and very relaxing which makes it Soo enjoyable. Man big ups to Josh, Fairytales is lit🔥 I love the calmness of the track. Go give it a listen and trust me ya ain’t gonna be disappointed. Don’t forget to check Josh out on the links below;


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