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Music they say doesn’t know boundaries and backgrounds and that means age is just a number in the music world and wow talent overdose here, I have here Edie Yvonne, the 15-year-old Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, who got us covered on some juicy banger titled “No Rain” which comes as her first venture into cover songs and wow she nailed it. My goodness the way she effortlessly blended her voice and gave this song a unique feel and twist .. just out of this world. The song which was produced by Douglas Boehm, got a beautiful different cover from Edie. This slowed-down captivating rendition of Blind Melon’s “No Rain” is magical and gives this iconic track a fresh breath that resonates with any listener.

This No Rain cover from Edie Yvonne is actually nuts considering how much of a big song it is. This song offers solace to those seeking a more subdued ambiance. See what’s beautiful about this song is how Yvonne’s vocals creates this hunting atmosphere which deeply connects the listener to the song’s theme especially those going through lonely times. The song lay emphasis how one yearn for companionship and to get someone to understand them when going through life’s dull moments with, like a long to have someone you can share, talk and enjoy their company. Man and the way Yvonne created this masterpiece of a cover attest to her talent even at a tender age. It just shows she’s destined for the top and I love her appreciative nature to her fans and supporters, speaks volumes of her character and overall artistic career.

Now as the song goes on, you realize how the lyrics portrays this desire for connection and longing irrespective of life’s uncertainties. With lines like “I just want someone to say to me, I’ll always be there when you wake, yeah” laying emphasis on how deeply one wish to connects with someone, creating an emotional atmosphere that resonates with the listener. What’s amazing is how Edie didn’t let the essence of the original track go away and in addition infused her unique style into this cover and transports listener’s into her world.

This “No Rain” which is Edie Yvonne’s debut cover attest to her artistry prowess and how deep her lyrics resonates with listeners. The lyrics, beats and delivery makes this track a must listen, so go ahead and grab this song No Rain by Edie Yvonne and enjoy what good music tastes like. ENJOY!! Make sure to check her out on the links below for more;




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