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Sometimes life gets better with age and then, people start to question how? Like they want you gone haha, but I’m just aging not dead yet, and that’s what Moose Wrench’s latest album, “Not Dead Yet,” is all about. The six track album is a rebellious musical journey that defies conventions and embraces the quirks of aging with a loud and unapologetic spirit. The band which consist of Dr. Moose on ranting, keytar, and programming; Mr. Moose on bass and backing vocals; and Moose Jr. on drums, comes from Las Vegas and formed in 2022. What’s beautiful is how they been able to leave am undeniable mark on stages and the music scenes across Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, and beyond.

The band influences ranges from bands like Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, The Cardiacs, Primus, and Ween, and this brings a diverse and unique blend of genres into their music. One may think, but are they moose? Well they ain’t and that even adds a puzzling feel to their whole persona. Now the notion behind this album, “Not Dead Yet,” is how they have this beautiful mentality of refusing to “grow old disgracefully and loudly and dress accordingly.” The album which was recorded at Greenmount Studios in Leeds, talks about the minor daily annoyances of aging, addressing them with a serious and sometimes comical tone. What makes this album enjoyable is the drums, guitars and this comical way of singing with some haunting vocals, generating an atmosphere that’s entertaining and enjoyable. Granting the listener to immerse theirselves into the world of Moose Wrench.

The first track that sets the album on fire is “Directionless Twat”. This song starts as a spoken word and talks about about how old age shouldn’t be a thing that should deter you from enjoying the very best of life, asking you to rage against the dying of the light and not go gentle into that goodnight, with a haunting echoes of rage rage rage. Just as those haunting echoes ends, then those guitar riffs kicks in and takes centre stage, and captures the listener’s attention and keep them glued, especially with those drums and guitars blazing through with those comical way of singing. I love the album, my goodness, it has this unique feel with the way the drums and everything gets you entertained and hooked.

Another track on the album that gives you orgasmic feel is “Don’t Let Me Down”. This track is unique and serves as a crossroads anthem, which talks about the complexities of life’s choices with a plea for support. Sometimes life kicks is in the butt Soo hard and makes us realize some of our choices. It’s not easy, especially having to deal with the consequences of your actions, but then sometimes we hope we get the support we need, so if someone’s in a bad shape, do your best for them. Then this track, “Not My Name” brings this energy and feel while laying emphasis on the difficulties in identifying one’s self. Like people don’t even know your identity anymore, some call you hey, Yo, and the likes. What’s beautiful about this track is how the band’s identity shines through, with their rebellious spirit. See there’s no dull moment on here, my goodness, the entertainment this album offers, yet captures a theme of deep message across is wholesome. I enjoyed every bit of it, those guitar plays and drums are what kills me, wow, it’s super exciting and enjoyable.

Well catch the cruise here, there are three bangers on here which are not suitable for normal radios, so just imagine the freedom and rebellious vibe in there hahaha, c’mon man go grab this album by it neck and milk it dry. It’s that good, age is just a number, refuse to grow or grow old with pride, loudly and dress accordingly. Not dead Yet is big massive statement from Moose Wrench, which invites us all to embark on this proud, rebellious journey. So go ahead and give the album a good listen and join the movement, it may end up on your favorite playlist. ENJOY!! Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;






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