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One thing that people sometimes don’t consider is how difficult it is to manage a lot of sources of income, sometimes it’s difficult especially if you’re an artist, the stress you go through with concentrating on your career while having to manage your cash sources as well. Such situation and stress is what this Sydney-based hip hop artist SAIF has for us on his single titled “Cash Flow.” Well dunno about you but 2024 has really been good so far with all the releases I’ve had ma hand on, and all I can say is, this piece right here is one of the best hip-hop ones that has come out. The beats, the flow and delivery is just nuts.

This song Cash Flow, is just amazing. The moment you hit that play button, you get thrilled with that drill melodies that comes out, and just before the beat drops, you’re already in your feelings and don’t even want the song to have an end. The beats infused with drill, jazz and melodic hip hop, comes in vibrantly with SAIF’s flow and delivery taking centre stage. The song with its creativity and catchy hooks, takes listeners on a journey through the complexities of managing multiple cash flows as an artist in the creative industry. An area where many people seems to sleep on, they don’t take it into account how stressful it is to be managing all your cash flow while still sorting our your career and yourself as well. One thing you can’t deny is even if you’re not an artist, you enjoy the songs message as well, cos it’s a general issue that many of us goes through, when you work lots of work, or you have business, you’re stressed with your cash flows, having to see which is coming from where, sit down and think of how to invest this, that and the rest just becomes a burden too. And SAIF’s lyrics actually provide an insight into this struggles and help listeners to look at the financial intricacies and challenges artists face while pursuing their passion. One thing that’s evident when you listen to the song, is it’s production, with ma man Utopia at the helm, he made sure those beats came out clean and made it catchy af. The track was then recorded mixed and mastered by BeatswithSheph, who added a touch to the track, making sure its vibrant energy and smooth flow are perfectly captured.

Well “Cash Flow” ain’t just your regular hip-hop song, it’s a bold declaration from SAIF, drawing attention and making a statement as the dawn of a new era in Australian hip hop. With his smooth flow, lyrical prowess and, delivery and word play, I say, you can’t listen to this one once. The beats just keeps you coming back for more even tho it’s just a 2min 33secs song, you just can’t stop listening. So why don’t you go ahead and give this song a listen and experience the magic of its beats. ENJOY!! Make sure to check him out on the links below for more;





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