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Hands reaching for the sky

You don’t often get it, but it’s beautiful when the person who wrote the song sings it themselves. Why? Because they know the inspiration and also felt it themselves, so it adds extra depth to the song and on today’s episode I’ve got the super talented singer-songwriter Sarantos on here, who is back again with a new release called “I Thought” and it’s just damn good. The song basically talks about feeling abandoned by God and thinking about ending it all. If this is your first time coming across Sarantos or any of his music then you have found yourself a real gem, no cap.

Music aside, Sarantos is actually a dedicated advocate for mental health awareness. Through his new song “I Thought,” he aims to remind listeners that everyone goes through difficult times and that there’s always hope. He also wants to talk about the issue of suicide and use his music to create a sense of community for those going through tough times with no one to help them. He recognizes the real impact of suicide on the person and those around that person so he’s made it his goal to use his music to help as many people as he can in order to reduce the rate of suicide.

The lyrics of “I Thought” shows how lonely Sarantos was and how he struggled to find meaning in life in order to continue living and that’s why he wants to try to save as many people as he can. The song comes with a music video that perfectly shows the message of the song and the inspiration behind the track. We don’t often get such wonderful good songs like this, but this one here is pure gold, very refined and beautifully written to save a soul from it sinking into the deep. It’s a song of hope and a song that wants to encourage you to never give up nor to think of ending your life cos of those struggles you going through. We all do, but we all ain’t the same , people react to sh** differently. So give this song a listen if you having a rough day and a rough life filled with bitter thoughts, it will change your perception and save you from all those atrocities.

Sarantos has poured his heart and soul into “I Thought” to make a very real song that’s powerful enough to help anyone who’s going through any difficulties and to remind them that there’s always hope and they should continue living because there will be better days. “I Thought” is available on all major streaming platforms along with it’s music video on Sarantos’ YouTube Channel, so go ahead and listen to “I Thought” if you’re facing any challenges and let it heal not just your heart and mind but your soul too. Don’t forget to click on the links below for more info;





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