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One thing I always say is, music with just sounds and minimal lyrics to no lyrics at all is really magical. And those who create such masterpieces are really talented and goated. Maybe you haven’t realized, but to be able to create music that’s just sounds and elements, and yet strikes the sould of the listener and sends them a message is something crazy and unique. And when it comes to electronic music in particular, innovation is something you can’t do away with and this is what ‘Shasau’ has done with his latest album titled “Futuristan”. An instrumental album that’s packed with 13 beautiful melodies and compositions to put you in your feels, with each track coming in with different vibes and energy. If you’ve followed music for a long time, then you’d know that from those days of manipulations of Pierre Schaeffer to the revolutionary synthesizers of the mid-20th century, each step has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and now we’ve introduced Ai into the scenes. This album “Futuristan” by SHASAU, led by Vadim Militsin, has really taken a bold step in blending human creativity with Ai.

Now this album “Futuristan” is really an intriguing instrumental album, the way each track was crafted, and manipulated to give the listener a feel and vibe is amazing. Then the moment you hit the play button on the album, you realize how the first track catches your attention and gets you hooked with its infectious atmosphere. Those added samples and synths parts really makes the album beautiful. Shasau really did magic on all the tracks, and the arrangements? Wow, top notch, it’s like he intentionally did them to appease the listener and keep them glued throughout the album. The creativity, innovation and beautiful approach used in crafting this album is unmatched. And they all evident when you listen to each track, clear cut elements, syncing and creating mesmerizing melodies that stays with the listener and leaves them wanting more. Well in as much as I would love not to be a spoiler, lemme give you hints about some few tracks and I leave you to enjoy the rest. Setting the stage for the rest of the album to follow is the opening track, Uralis. This track is very unique, the moment you hit play, you’re met with a slow, infectious, beautiful amd haunting notes of synth textures, which are intricate and very dynamic. The track creates this atmosphere of contemplation, dreamy but haunting with increasing intensity, which beautifully brings you to life as it transitions you into the next track titled Rukarara.

A track that starts off like how you welcome a prince or a princess in the morning after a hectic journey from track 1. The track creates this imaginary atmosphere which makes you feel like, waking up in the morning with everyone waiting to see you and being escorted to be shown to the people of your town. Another track that is beautiful and very intriguing is the track titled Narmada. This track is more ambient, has this Indian and African-like culture elements infused together in there. What’s beautiful about this track is its rhythmic patterns, then those pit stops which allows the listener to immerse themselves and soak everything in and meditate on them. It’s like a journey through cultures, but has this nature sounds that are soothing and very thought-provoking. Such an intriguing masterpiece, I love this one soo much and probably ma favorite off the album. Bringing the album to a grand ending is the track titled “Sky Brook”. What this track does is to give your journey a beautiful ending. With its nature inspired sounds, coupled with some synth bass lines laying below and crawling throughout, while those birds and forest whistles creating an atmosphere that is ethereal and magical. Wow, the track paints this clear image of celestial ambiance, where the listener just watches the skies and sits under it to enjoy nature’s beauty. Such a beautiful way to end the album, to end the journey under the night skies and enjoy it all. Beautiful, just beautiful and I love it.

Well to me, “Futuristan” indeed has proven that we can achieve more with Ai creations in the industry and also goes on to show Shasau’s artistic vision. The way he blended his own creativity with that of the Ai generated ones, to create sounds that are not just beautiful and amazing, but also allows the listener to be part of it. Now that’s how you make an album, the creativity, arrangement of tracks and the ability to blend those elements of sounds together just makes it a must-listen album. If you’re a fan of instrumental music, this is for you and even if you’re not, the moment you hit that play button, there’s no going back. So go ahead and enjoy this album Futuristan and have a wonderful week ahead. ENJOY!! Make sure to check him out on the links below for more;



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