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They say the simplest things of life is what makes life beautiful and therefore it’s the same little things that also makes love beautiful and unique. Sometimes you don’t even need them to over do things, just the little things, those tiny details and those minute affection, like the way they look at you, their simple glances and their admiration for you is enough. Sometimes you don’t even need those expensive gifts just to know someone desires you the way you also desire them, most times it’s the simple things we often neglect that we need and this is what Melina Hazewood’s latest single “Simple Desire” is all about. This beautiful love song is heartfelt exploration of the euphoria and tenderness that accompanies new love. The song in its simplest form is just amazing, the instrumentation, the lyrics and the tonation of the vocals used just makes you wanna get loved again.

Now this song Simple Desire beautifully opens with this smooth, gentle arrangement of keys, acoustic guitar, and some intricate melodic strings which creates this soft, intimate sound that makes way for Melina Hazewood’s soothing vocals to shine. The song just after you hit the play button consumes you with its alluring atmosphere and keeps you glued with the vocals. While you’re being prepared for the beatdrop, you’re allowed to get yourself consumed with the touching lyrics along with its acoustic guitar strings before getting swept away by the beatdrop. The song then goes on to lay emphasis on the beautiful beginnings of new love. The desire, the passion, the attention, the amount of times they tell you how much they love you, the way they go all out for you, it’s like you’ve never been in love before. You enjoy the moments, and you wish it would be like that forever. Then you’re hit with the chorus which comes in different languages, goes on to show the power of love and it’s limitless flow and glow and it’s ability to go beyond boundaries and makes the stone-hearted a soft hearted. The song is amazingly incredible, it creates this imaginary where you are in love, walking around, holding arms, running around the park, sitting under the night’s light and enjoying the company of your significant other. Man, the song’s emotional depth is crazy and makes your wanna fall in love all again as if you haven’t experienced love before. What’s beautiful about the song ain’t just the beats, but Melina Hazewood’s ability to craft lyrics that is deep and enchanting. As the song progresses you hear lines like “every little step or a simple smile is a gift from above” and “a simple touch that could lead very far” hinting at the optimism, joy and a sense of wonder that comes with love.

Well “Simple Desire” by Melina Hazewood ain’t just any love song, its a well refined and polished masterpiece that puts the listener in a comfortable world where love rules and makes them wish they experience such power of love. The song with its heartfelt lyrics, beats and delivery becomes an instant must-listen piece, you just can’t skip it, and you just want to repeat it all over again. It a song that captures the complexities of love and life in a way that allows the listener to experience it. So why don’t you go ahead and give this song a listen and have a wonderful week ahead with that special person. ENJOY!! Make sure to check her out on the links below for more;




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