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It’s crazy how sometimes those you can rely on end up hurting you the most and today I’ve got “Nosebleeds,” a song by Stephen Lind, and actually the most fascinating thing about this song is that it’s the second single from his upcoming project called “Pity Party.” Are you ready to party? Cos even this song of its message that it carries has that party vibe in it. You ever had a fallout with a close friend before? Yes I know we all have and as a creative Stephen has put his experience on some catchy beats and tunes to help us wash those pains away while we dance. The lyrics are sassy and fun, and they tell a story that many people can relate to.

He’s a pop artist who comes from Tucson but now stays in LA, and because of how he combines music and movie making together, it has given him a unique blend of passion in his creative space. Even though he really got committed to his creative journey around age 29, he has spent the past 15+ years working within the entertainment industry which adds an extra depth to his music. Because of his hard work and dedication, this has led him to collaborate on digital projects with creators like Jessica Biel, Francesca Gregorini, Jeffery Riddick, Olga Segura, and more.

“Nosebleeds” is a response to a falling-out between Stephen and someone he once called a friend. The lyrics show the emotional impact an experience like that can have you. While the beat is ready for the club, it’s the sassy vocals and relatable lyrics that set this song apart. Upon listening to this song, it gives you a clear view of what to expect from his upcoming project “Pity Party”. His unique approach and storytelling through music make him a compelling figure in the pop genre. “Nosebleeds” stands out as a track that captures attention with its infectious hook and sassy delivery.

“Sometimes those who claim to love and support you are the ones secretly hoping you stay in the same place. They’ll check in on you, ask for every update, but when you start to shine too bright, they’ll pull out your insecurities to use against you; this song is for them.” Stephen Lind’s lyrics shows his ability to channel personal experiences into relatable music. “Nosebleeds” is his response to a friendship gone sour. The lyrics talk about how people who pretend to care about you can secretly hope you don’t succeed. The chorus of the song asks, “How do I look from the nosebleeds, baby?” Like how do I even look from far away. And infact It’s a way of saying how people actually judge you from a distance without even knowing you.

As the song declares, “They say it’s serious when you’re furious. I say, ‘Oh my God, you are delirious, kind of unserious. I say, ‘Oh my God.’ ‘Cause you loved me less, and I loved you best, but in time, we fell through. I said, ‘Forget the rest.’ You got up and left. I saved a ticket for you.” These lines gives us a clear picture of a relationship that has gone bitter and the lyrics are delivered with a punch that’s both powerful and relatable.

“Nosebleeds”‘ saucy lyrics and it relatable message makes it a stand out song to add to your playlist and tells you how genius Stephen is. So what you waiting for? Grab your headphones and jam to this banger! ENJOY!!! Don’t forget to click on the links below for more info;






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