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Confidence is something not many artist possess, but it’s the one thing that you need to be able to believe in yourself and drive your craft to the highest stage. Sometimes you gotta let people know you believe yourself and especially when it comes to hip-hop or rap game. You need to let them know you can dominate any stage and place and that’s exactly what Super Saiyan Jay has for us in his latest single dubbed “Can I”. This song is a Laid-back melody of confidence. Maybe you haven’t heard of him but ma man is heavily talented and is already making massive waves in the music scenes with his top notch delivery. Tye Florida-based man, Super Saiyan Jay takes us all back to the drawing board with this one. So sit down and hit that play button and feel the flow through your veins as we grab this song by it neck.

Now this song “Can I” is a beautiful laid-back rap music where Super Saiyan Jay just brims with self-confidence and swag. He delivers soft vocals as the instrumental flounces and bolds down. As soon as you that play button you just start nodding your head cos that beat drop is something that feels soo good and just when you thought you’ve heard it all, he comes in with this mad up flow that just cruises you throughout the track. There’s no dull moment with him, and the way he smoothly flows on that beat with the choice of words, man I don’t know how he did it but that’s one of the most consistent flow I’ve heard on a track. The lyrics of “Can I,” just lay emphasis on being confident and believing in yourself, where no one thinks you can dominate, just go there and show them your kingship. As the song goes on you hear lines like “Had to go back to the basics, don’t know how the world finna take it, but I gotta make it,” indicating that he has no plans to abandon what he values most out of fear of failure. All through the track, he leans into his contrasts and oddities while claiming he’s “too unique” and “too top. And trust me that’s what you need in this music industry, self believe and self trust, if you don’t believe in your own self and craft who would? And how would you want someone to push you if you can’t push yourself?? And I love that about this track, the way it pushes you to go beyond your limits and push beyond your boundaries and make it out there.

Now see something here, according to Super Saiyan Jay, this song “Can I” ain’t just any song, but it’s a statement of an artist who is not afraid of making his own rules. So don’t be afraid to make your own rules that will make you strive at the top, do it confidently without any fear of failure, cos failure is part of success and this song really epitomizes that. Now with a catchy beat and self-assured lyrics, I say this is the perfect track to just chill and lose oneself in some good music, all while dancing to Super Saiyan Jay’s charisma. I love how Super Saiyan Jay The is comfortable on this track and I like how he rides the beat with ease, delivering a performance that is both captivating and unforgettable.

Well in this song “Can I”, I can say this is the best version of Super Saiyan Jay I have seen. The confidence, the way the track combines calm, cool, collected energy with a “what you see is what you get” attitude really does the trick for an exciting experience for we listeners. And one thing I can say is, watch out for him, for he’s coming straight to the top and there’s no stopping it. So go ahead and enjoy some good rap music that is cool and calm. For it may end up on your favorite playlist as well. ENJOY!! Make sure to check him out on the links below for more;






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