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Wow, sometimes finding meaning in this chaotic world becomes an adventure itself that many of us encounter. Sometimes you wanna give up but that zeal, that zodiac in you, that power, that resilience and will won’t let you. Sometimes you wish you could define everything again, but your heart is shattered and yearning for peace, but who’s there to console you? Except you, the zodiac in you, that’s gonna keep you going. This feeling and state of mind is what Minneapolis-based indie rocker Mark Mallman has crafted and put on strings infused with some classical elements for listeners to devour, he called this one “The Cancer.” A song that was dropped on June 22nd, the very day the Cancer zodiac sign begins. And man, the song is just amazing, addictive and will leave you in a state of despair, the musical arrangements of the elements is beyond perfection. If you know Mark Mallman, you’d know unpredictable and dynamic his live performances are, and this is what he has brought into this track. The emotional depth is crazy, and I love the way he blends them with astrological musings, creating a birth sign anthem for the ages.

Well the most beautiful thing about this track “The Cancer” is that, the song lets you soak yourself in its raw, introspective and moody atmosphere, where your heart yearns for the better, you’re shattered, you’re broken, you’re surrounded with chaos, but then your heart and the zodiac in you keeps telling you it’s alright, everything’s gonna be fine, the cancer in you makes you keep believing. What I love most about the song is it’s begining, the way it comes in with this thought-provoking verse about learning life’s hardest lessons in unexpected places, immediately corners the listener in an imaginary state that’s reflective and rebellious as well. The way the song makes you miss the nostalgic era of classical music is wholesome, but I love how Mark infused it with a more modern flavor allowing listeners to enjoy something captivating and innovative. The song which comes off as an inspiration from Neil Young’s ‘After The Gold Rush’, Mark has indeed crafted a masterpiece that touches on themes of self-discovery and the search for meaning in a world filled with chaos. As the song progresses the mention of aliens in the third verse is a nod to Young’s influence and adds a layer of cosmic intrigue to the track. The most fascinating thing about the track ain’t just the lyrics, but the tone and manner in which Mark sings with emotions, then those instruments driving your nerves and sending chills down your spine, creates this atmosphere charged with emotions that strikes your soul and lets you ponder on the uncertainties of life while also urging you to keep believing and keep going. One thing you realize about the song is the strings arrangements that comes off like that of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby,” which translates into a hauntingly incredible sound that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Well The Cancer by Mark Mallman is indeed a masterpiece. The song released under the new Minnesota-based label Hygh Tension Records, goes on to demonstrate another milestone in Marks journey as an artistic. It’s a beautiful song that makes you wanna listen to it all day, it’s addictive, introspective and melodic. The lyrics with it’s heartfelt delivery coupled with top notch production and beautiful instrumentation, I say this is a 10/10 project and one that you can’t miss. The moment you hit the play button, you gonna have this beauty of a track on your favorite playlist, so why don’t you go ahead and enjoy this masterpiece of an indie rock. ENJOY!! Make sure to check him out on the links below for more;






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