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Music is the only thing in the world that knows no boundaries and limits irrespective of who is behind the mic. The moment they begin to sing, you just get consumed by their words, sound or voice. To be able to create music that just resonates deeply with everyone is something not everyone posses and that’s what makes this artist, JD Kelleher, the non-binary, queer Irish singer-songwriter and actor based in London, special. The way he blends genres and sings soo smoothly, and be able to carve a path into the heart of listeners is unmatched. Life can be cruel and that’s why sometimes togetherness is the tool that we need the most. To look after one another and stand together in times of tribulations, fight together and share beautiful memories is what makes life beautiful irrespective of whatever we believe in. Let people be who they wanna be and stand by them, so everyone can live peacefully. His new vibrant pop single titled “The Devil Is in the Details,” is a song that immediately captures your attention, gets you hooked and leaves a lasting impression on you.

What’s beautiful about this song “The Devil Is in the Details,” is how it pans out, then the way it goes on to celebrate queer joy and resilience, by infusing pop elements with a powerful and important message. The song which was produced in collaboration with Catalan musicians Jimmy Pinol, David Ibarz, Marti Rieira, and new band member Alex Badia on keys and synths, goes on to demonstrate JD’s ability to blend infectious pop grooves with deep, meaningful and heartfelt lyrics. The moment you hit the play button, you’re met with some beautiful pop and synths elements, which immediately translates into an amazing melodic beats, then just when you’re hooked and ready to see what comes next, JD Kelleher’s magical voice comes in and graces your ear. Then as the song goes on, the lyrics begins to make it way through your heart and infuse you with the song’s infectious groove. The lyrics then goes ahead and lay emphasis on the strength, vulnerability, and resilience of the LGBT+ community. Then the music video that comes with song, wow, such an eye watering masterpiece, not only does it complements the song, but the depth it adds, just makes the song overly amazing.

Yes, we can’t decide for everyone and we can’t force people to be who they don’t wanna be, if we can all accept and let people be who they wanna be without dehumanizing them, then the devil will be out of the details and the world would be a better place. In this song, you can feel how relaxed and composed JD is, the easy he crafted those lyrics to portray togetherness, strength and the power to overcoming adversity, facing bigotry, and finding love against the odds. Life can be cruel like I said, and uncertainties can hit us anytime and therefore, we ought to be there for each other and let life go on. As the song progresses, you hear lines like “We’ve been to hell and back, We were shining, we were wrong” mirroring the struggles and triumphs of the queer experience, while “I will be your rainbow, and the devil is in the details” hints at the solidarity and hope at last. The song was really created beautifully in a way that it doesn’t just only talk about the LGBT+ but also talk about overall human experience, which makes it an amazing masterpiece that resonates with everyone that listens to it.

Well, The Devil Is In The Details ain’t just your regular kinda song, the way it mixes vibrant pop elements with rock stuffs, then graced with catchy hooks and an energetic rhythm that keeps the listener in sync and glued to it throughout, makes it a must-listen masterpiece. Those synths adding a refreshing twist to it along with Pinol, Ibarz, and Rieira giving it a smooth touch, together with JD’s vocals, they have created a masterpiece that deserves your attention. So why don’t you go ahead and give this song a listen and have a wonderful week with it. ENJOY!! Make sure to check him out on the links below for more;

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