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You know one thing that makes life interesting? Hope. Hope is what sometimes makes life intriguing and sometimes kills us too but can we give up? Definitely not. If you have to wait for years or decades to get that thing or for someone never give up, just keep waiting, especially for someone that you long for, for someone that made your life meaningful and for someone who was there for you all the time. And when everyone’s giving up, just keep waiting, life has beautiful way of surprising everyone. This exact feeling coupled with some beautiful composition is what the Milwaukee-based duo, The Pulltops has for us on their latest single dubbed “Waiting Here.” See ever since I got ma hands on this track, it’s been my banger throughout the weekend, the compositions, the elements and the way each element shines and syncs, wow, they really killed it.

What’s beautiful about this track is the way it pans out. If you know The Pulltops, you’d know how beautifully they blend the best of indie rock, power pop, and alternative rock and especially on this track, they did magic with this one and I can’t stop listening. Waiting Here beautifully starts with this funky guitar riffs which immediately captures your attention and gets you hooked and interested to see what follows, then those synth bass giving life to the guitars helps creates this mesmerizing beats that are catchy and eye watering. Well if you’re new to The Pulltops, then they comprises of drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell, together these guys have really brought fresh and intriguing compositions to the industry. Now this song “Waiting Here” with its funky, pop and rock blends brings this vibrant and engaging sound that keeps the listener entertained and glued and while enjoying this beautiful composition, the lyrics carries the listener, consumes them and transports them into this atmosphere of longing and introspection. The lyrics then goes on to lay emphasis on the importance of waiting for something or someone that feels mildly out of reach. With lines like “I’m just waiting here, till my ship appears” touchingly hints at the frustration and hope mixed together when one is really anticipating for something. This is something that we all sometimes experience and makes it an even resonating piece that pierces the soul of the listener and stays with them. That is life, sometimes you have to wait, even tho you may not be hearing from them, and things may be difficult, with having to endure loneliness and watch people enjoy their moments, while memories of these special people keeps lingering around, it’s just difficult. But what can we do? We have to keep waiting even tho it may seem they may never return but what if? And it’s that hope that keeps us going. Now that’s how you make music to make an impact on the lives of your listeners or gain new listeners. To me, it’s one hell of a song that puts you into your feels and makes you say, this is what I need.

Well “Waiting Here” by The Pulltops is indeed a masterpiece. I love the song, the lyrics, coupled with beautiful beats and topped with the perfect production to make every element shine, makes it a 10/10 for me. The genre mix and the way they effortlessly blend them, wow, you just can’t deny how good it is. It’s emotional depth is crazy, and the way they crafted it with those funky guitar riffs, along with those synth bass, just magical, you need to experience this heavenly song and have a blast with it throughout the week. So go ahead and give it a listen and trust me, it will end up on your favorite playlist. ENJOY!! Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;






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