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Life can be soo perfect in your dreams and then it hits you with it’s twists, but you know that doesn’t stop you from dreaming and you making those dreams actualize. Now imagine a hot day out there that didn’t go well, then it’s night time and you on your bed reflecting on the days uncertainties, then your brain kicks in an inspiration out of nowhere…hahaha. Well Moontwin, the yin/yangian post-punk electronic duo, has got something juicy, beautiful, calm and emotional for us on their latest single “Symbols”. If you know Moontwin, you’d realize how their music touches on themes of life, love, and the intricacies in between. The band Founded by singer-songwriter Maple Bee (Melanie Garside) and Zac Kuzmanov, Moontwin┬ácomes from the virtual collaboration between Cornwall (UK) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria). Man their story is wholesome and really touching, and it’s evident in their songs, so you know you’re in for a beautiful rise on this one.

Now in this song “Symbols,” Moontwin takes us on a headfirst deep-dive into the push and pull of ‘almost sleeping’ thoughts. Yes those moments where you really wanna sleep, then an idea pops up, then keeps you awake and thinking of the best possible plan. Just when you thought oh lemme sleep, then those late-night brings it’s inspirations. Out of these is what the song carries, you’re transported into your thoughts’ world where fears, wishes, and dreams entwine around conscious and unconscious patterns. The song beautifully brings this strange cozy sense of unease, where the listener gets intoxicated with those acoustic guitar chords, that creates this curious luring atmosphere. Then as the song goes on, this haunting vocals brings out the hook, leaving the listener to ponder and be in this strange atmosphere creates by it.

The song is beautiful, unique and carefully crafted that brings this ‘leave me alone to think’ vibes while sleeping in the bed. The lyrics, melodies and delivery makes this a masterpiece that to me is a 10/10. See the song is crazily addictive, but I love how it slowly intoxicates you ahaha, you don’t even realize you’re repeating it over again and before you realize, you’re far gone with the song. Wow. The lyrics of “Symbols” lay emphasis on denial, defenses, and lost translations. Those verses in there are magical and creates this clear image of how complex and difficult human emotions are. Then as soon as you hear “LA LA LA”, the song just strikes your emotions.

See I’m not alone on this table, but Moontwin’s latest song is described as “dangerously addictive,” “ethereal layers with a psychedelic feel,” and “an eclectic wave, dark but refreshing,” their sound has left an indelible mark. Well you can only confirm this just after your first listen, and trust me there’s no going back. The song strikes your soul, connects with it and breaks it with it’s beautiful sounds that’s eccentric, avant-garde, and soul-touching.

Moontwin’s “Symbols” is not just a song; it’s a captivating experience that transports listeners into this musical world filled with emotions. With a top notch delivery, with beautiful haunting vocals to match it, I say this is a must-listen masterpiece that deserves your attention. So go ahead and give this song a listen and treat yourself to some good music this weekend. ENJOY!! Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;





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