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Everyone was mostly busy with the festive season and hence missed a lot of the best songs that came out haha, but one thing I learnt was, sometimes you gotta let it go and reconcile with that one person and let love lead. Well I’ve got Kilkenny’s Acoustic Bloom who graced our Christmas with their latest single “Christmas Eve.” The song which buzzed the Christmas for us and and made it unique, oh you missed it huh? Haha well no problem cos I got ya. Sit, relax and lemme glide you through this beautiful masterpiece. After listening to this song you’d understand their name haha..shh 🤫.

The eight-member band who binds together familiar elements of favorite holiday tunes with the enchantment of singer-songwriter and folk classics, delivering a harmonious experience that blends Jingle Bells with acoustic guitar magic. Something we don’t get often haha, but what’s beautiful about this song I realized is, not only does it stick to the Christmas moments but also has got this depth about life as a whole. Well before this track was birthed, Acoustic Bloom did some magical tracks that you should check out, ‘T.L.C’ and ‘Carolina in the Fall,’ these tracks are some crazy beautiful songs that gives off same heartwarming vibe that sets the stage for “Christmas Eve.”

According to Mike Henessy, co-founder of Acoustic Bloom, “Christmas Eve”: “At its core, is a song about hope and reconciliation. Our song aims to bring a touch of that Christmas magic into people’s lives.” Now the song’s lyrics lay deep emphasis on the holiday spirit, hinting on Santa Claus, the holy child, and the tale of two lovers who has the urge to reconcile. Sometimes we humans becomes too stubborn to forgive, why is it Soo hard to let go off that anger? But this song pierces the soul of the listener and softens that unforgiving heart and speaks to their heart while keeping them entertained.

As the song goes on, you realize something takes the centre stage of the song and that’s how one is pleading for a second chance which captures a universal theme of hope. Sometimes we all deserve a second chance, there’s no harm in accepting and forgiving people especially those who hurt us soo badly. Moments like Christmas are those that you should let go and that’s why this song portrays that. Man the emotional depth of the song is something I can’t fathom. The song has this choral vibe that I love a lot and I like the way it’s down tempo and how the vocals blends so well those acoustic and piano, sweet Jesus sh** is soo good, there’s indeed magic in the air. Christmas is gone but let this song speak to you and love people regardless, be a forgiving person, give people hope when they have learned their lessons. The song’s lyrics, beats and delivery is something out of this world and infact it captures every listener’s attention the moment the play button strikes.

Well “Christmas Eve” ain’t just a Christmas song, but also a beautiful track that has a deep message that resonates with everyone that listens to it. I love how Acoustic Bloom is able to create music that does not only tastes good but also has the ability to pierce the soul of the listener and keeps them entertained. So why don’t you go ahead and feel this magic of second chance from “Christmas Eve” and treat yourself to some real music. ENJOY !! Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;





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