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Mother nature sometimes is treated soo badly that, if we don’t step in, things are gonna get worse. Well here is a song by The Funny Terns, a UK comedy duo, who injected humor into the Christmas season with their tongue-in-cheek charity single, “Bring Back the Beaver.” What’s beautiful about lively and jovial tune is how it goes beyond the festive season. The song acts as a double edged sword that strikes both outcome of the coin. The song coveys a serious message on our environment while it served as a celebration song for the festive season.

Now the Funny Terns led by Natalie Fée, an award-winning environmentalist and founder of the anti-pollution charity ‘City to Sea,’ takes center stage in this comedic musical journey. Not only does the song portrays joy and cheerfulness but also lay deep emphasis on a noble cause. What’s beautiful is how every proceeds that comes out of this song goes directly into the City to Sea initiative. Now the lyrics of Bring Back the Beaver smartly paints a clear picture of parallels between the loss of biodiversity in the UK the changing trends in grooming habits.

Now the Beaver, in this song, just hints at nature’s restoration while asking for the return of the Beavers to the England’s rivers. I love how the track cleverly puts out a strong message out, yet funny to keep listeners entertained while asking them to support nature’s restoration. That’s talent right there. The way they effortlessly blends comedy with serious issues is beautiful and makes the song a must-listen song. Those acoustic guitar tones portrays the holiday vibes really well and gives the song a joyful theme.

Bring Back the Beaver is a masterpiece carefully crafted to keep listeners entertained while conveying a message of activism. The Funny Terns asks us all to protect mother nature and bring back the Beaver to England’s rivers. Maybe you haven’t experienced orgasmic music, but this song right here is one, this is creativity at its peak and I love how it pans out. It’s a song that brings different vibe and offers listeners a chance to enjoy some humor while protecting our environment. So go ahead and give this song a good listen and enjoy some humor. ENJOY!! Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;




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