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Growing up without parents to safeguard you is something no one would want to face. It’s Soo difficult and different to struggle through life without your parents, how do you cope? Who do you go to when you need a home? Who do you talk to when you need a listening ear? This song I’m about to introduce to you from Satellite Train is a song that talks about how a girl child grew up without her parents. The song is titled “Cry” which is actually a preview to their upcoming debut album “The Melbourne Sessions”. This is a very emotional song that anyone who listens to will relate to on a very personal level.

The song talks about a child going through loneliness in the the absence of her parents. This is one thing in life that Soo difficult to live it. It’s an emotional song that’s goes Soo deep in thoughts. The lyrics talks about the emotional struggle the girl is going through which makes the listener understand and feel exactly what the girl in the song is going through. Yes the song was created to really connect the listener to the storyline here and that’s something I’ll applaud the artist here.  Michael Painter’s vocals, Shane O’Mara’s guitar work, John McAll’s keyboard’s, the solid bass lines by Pasquale Monea and John (Watto) Watson’s drums all come together to make this song so real and emotionally relatable that anyone who listens to the song can’t help but fall in love with it.

“Cry” also tells us to have strength and find joy in our most difficult times and i think that is a message a lot of people need to hear in the world we live in today. Wow they really cooked this one, the message, the delivery man, it’s a joy to listen to this. As a preview for their upcoming debut album “The Melbourne Sessions”, “Cry” builds the hype as to what to expect from the album and after listening to this, I’m very sure you’ll be dying to hear what the album has to offer, ENJOY!!! Don’t forget to check them out on the links below;





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