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Sometimes you gotta pause and ask yourself what’s driving you? What’s pushing you to go beyond your limits? What’s holding you alive and makes you keep going as long as you keep fueling it? Well that’s your engine and without it, you fail and that’s why Acid City Nuns and their latest album dubbed, “The Engine,” brings to us a beautiful raw, unapologetic energy driven album that comes in as a conversation on we humans( The Engine). This is an album where the band goes deep into human existence, challenging societal norms and embracing the complexities of life. What’s beautiful about this band is how their music invite listeners to break free from the repetitive nature of everyday life and take on a new challenge of self-discovery. So if you’re ready, let’s ride along and see what we discover throughout the album 😉.

Everyone can testify that standing true to yourself is rare these days, but not with Acid City Nuns, they oozes uniqueness and authenticity. Now with this album “The Engine,” they declare their distaste for the fake nature of humanity, like the way people just pretend and cover their real actions, or hide them so people don’t actually see what’s happening and the relentless march of time. When you listen to their music, you realize how their music is a rallying cry for those who dare to question, for us who dare to challenge, and to dream beyond society standards or go beyond what the society has to offer. This is what their music are made for, to be a song of hope, a song of comfort, a song that pushes you to go for more. So their songs always resonates deeply with listeners on a high level.

Now let’s take a look at the track that set the album on stage, “I Love the Things That You Do.” This track is beautiful, relaxing and soothing. The track starts beautifully with two amazing vocals talking about desire and devotion. The The song has this infectious rhythms and fascinating melodies. The lyrics lay emphasis on love and longing. And I love the way the song comes in as a conversation that explores the depths of human connection and how complex relationships are. I love the simplicity of the song and how it’s able to connect and talk with you deeply, making it an amazing track to kickstart the album to life.

The you have this track on the album titled “Conversation 1.” You know what’s lovely? Having a deep conversation about your partner with your friend and letting your innermost thoughts and feelings out. Then there’s this haunting instrumentation laying behind and pondering on your emotions and creating this anxiety and hinting at how difficult and fragile human connection is. This track lay emphasis on the difficulties of communication and a touching reminder of how powerful words can be and how important it is to he honest in your relationships and friendships. You might say something that to you was meant to be a joke, but then to the other, they got it differently and made the most of it unknowingly. Then you realize it later and now they ain’t even listening so you could explain yourself or a moment where you ought to tell the truth but confided in lies and lost that special friend or person in your life. Meanwhile you didn’t even meant to lie or the truth would have hurt them and wanted to protect them but yeah, that’s how complex human relations are, and this track here epitomizes it beautifully. I love it, with the way those haunting instrumentation lay back and transports the listener into an atmosphere of curiosity and deep in their emotions.

Then there’s this song “Just Say So”. A song that touches on themes of authenticity and self-expression. I love the vocals in here especially with the choruses and driving rhythms, the band pushes us listeners to embrace our truth and speak our minds without any fear of being taking for granted or fear. In any situation you find yourself, silence shouldn’t be an option for injustice and oppression, stand up for yourself and speak up to your oppressor, cos the moment they see you’re timid, they never stop. This album has been nothing short of uniqueness and authenticity, the lyrics, delivery and style, wow, I must say, it’s a solid 10/10 masterpiece. Kudos to the team for such an awesome creativity.

Well this album, “The Engine,” has been nothing short of revelation and a unique experience, so I want you to go ahead and give it a listen and experience this feeling. Acid City Nuns has delivered a masterpiece that goes beyond genre boundaries. Through their vibrant beats, deep lyrics, thrilling storytelling, and masterful delivery, I say this is a must-listen album. Whatever you do, don’t skip the track Conversations 2.😉ENJOY!! Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;





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