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Found a new gem and I’m glad to introduce her music to you, a talented lady who calms our nerves with her music. Well I won’t be surprise to see her at the top in the music industry. Linda Conway is stepping into the music industry with her debut single, ‘Strongest of Bonds,’ which was released on 20th of this month, 2023. This touching song is more than just music; it’s a heartfelt expression of love and loss, inspired by Linda’s own life journey, particularly the impact of losing her mother at a young age. This debut single pays tribute to the connection between people and their loved ones, even when they are no longer physically present.

‘Strongest of Bonds‘ is a masterpiece featuring only Linda’s soulful vocals and piano. It shows the power of music as a medium to express deep emotions. Linda Conway is well-known in the UK country music industry, known for her support of fellow artists on her Voice of a Woman radio show and her dedication to performing at gigs and festivals across the UK. Now, she’s ready to share her music with the world, starting with “Strongest of Bonds,” the first single from her upcoming EP of the same name, slated for release on November 18th.

Linda’s songwriting journey began when she contributed to a crowdfunding campaign for Daisy Chute’s EP “Songs of Solace.” This experience ignited her passion for music and led her to invest in singer-songwriter sessions. Writing this song about her personal experiences became a therapeutic outlet for Linda, helping her navigate the complex emotions of grief. She debuted the song at The Bedford earlier this year as part of Live in the Living Room songwriters, receiving overwhelming love and support from the audience and fellow artists.

Produced by London-based Americana artist Phillippa Cookman, ‘Strongest of Bonds’ expresses raw emotions, authenticity, and the essence of Linda’s personal journey. The song, recorded in Linda’s house and then in a studio with Phillippa, is a heartfelt and honest portrayal of her feelings. The release date on the anniversary of Linda’s mother’s passing adds a special significance to this emotional track. What was once a sad day will now be a day of celebration and artistic achievement. Linda Conway hopes her music can inspire others to find healthy ways to cope with grief and serve as a source of peace and connection. With ‘Strongest of Bonds,’ she’s taking a courageous leap into the world of music, a journey that is both scary and exciting.

As this beauty has been released,“Strongest of Bonds,” it’s clear that this song is not just a debut; it’s a heartfelt message from Linda Conway’s soul to the world, inviting us to share in her emotions and experiences. Join Linda in celebrating this remarkable release. Click on the links below for more info on her;

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