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Music has comes in different ways and thus everyone has got their favorite, but after a careful listen to this amazing piece I think we should adore every music from every genre. Why? Because this amazing song got me wowed. The flow of the song with those carefully selected lyrics attest to the fact that it’s an incredible masterpiece.

Suburban Bicycle Gang’s latest album, “In The Cosmos,” is a bit like finding a calm spot in a wild storm. Amongst the craziness, there’s a heartfelt and jazzy gem called “Candle Light.” This song is particularly special because it’s the only one written by Eric St-Pierre, who was originally the producer and engineer for the album. The indie rock sensation from Cambridge, Ontario, dropped their second album on May 26th. And let me tell you, it’s a quirky masterpiece that’s a tad offbeat but in a fantastic way.

Suburban Bicycle Gang has a way with infectious melodies and clever lyrics that challenge the typical indie rock norms. “In The Cosmos” takes their eccentricity to a whole new level with hilariously titled tracks like “Bobo The Hobo,” “Sammie Greene,” “Easy Money,” “Five Flings,” and even a curiosity-inducing title like “Glory Hole Of Death.” What makes this album truly unique is how it effortlessly blends humor with musical talent. Each song invites you into a world of creative zaniness where the unexpected is the norm.

Track 6,”Candlelight” is an amazing song that has me wanting to love someone endlessly, it’s no doubt it urges you to be a light in someone’s life. When darkness overshadow you, your love ones, a friend , be kind and be their candle light. It was a teary moment after listening and thus I want you to also give it a listen and there’s no disappointment so far.

So, “In The Cosmos” which landed on May 26th,has giving me an incredibly entertaining ride so far. Suburban Bicycle Gang’s borderline comedic style will have you grinning from ear to ear. Get ready to embrace the quirkier side of indie rock as Suburban Bicycle Gang takes you on a joyful, laughter-filled musical journey. For more info about this amazing band, click on the links below;

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