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CRONAM, the Berlin-based artist and creator behind “Criminal Robots On A Mission,” is set to take you on a musical journey with his latest release, the “Decompression EP.” This EP finds its sweet spot in the realm of Deep Dubstep, and it’s a testament to CRONAM’s talent and knack for experimentation with modular synths, drum machines, and turntablism. The result? An amazing and thought-provoking sound that’s designed to not only be listened to but experienced.

CRONAM’s musical evolution is a fascinating one. Starting as a turntablist back in the ’90s, he’s come a long way since then. His journey as a musician has led him to blend various genres like Dubstep, IDM, DNB and Techno into a unique amalgamation of contemporary Bass Music. What sets CRONAM apart is his mastery of a wide range of musical tools, including Modular Synthesizers (Eurorack), Drum Machines, Turntablism & Scratching, Samplers, and the occasional use of E-Drums. The EP is heavily influenced by the likes of Mala from Deep Medi Musik, DJ Distance from Chestplate, Pinch from Tectonic Plates, and more. These influences shine through as CRONAM crafts a sonic experience that delves into the depths of Dubstep, exploring the genre at a steady 140 beats per minute.

“Decompression” is a reflection of CRONAM’s dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring the uncharted territories of sound. It’s an exploration of sounds where Modular Synths dance with drum machines, and turntables add a touch of nostalgia. The EP is not just about the music, it’s about the journey it takes you on and it’s a journey worth embarking upon. While the EP is a solo project, it’s a testament to CRONAM’s versatility as a musician. Recorded in his music studio in Berlin, every sound on this EP is original and made by CRONAM himself. The use of modular synths, turntablism, and scratching adds layers of complexity to the tracks, creating an immersive experience for the listener.

CRONAM’s “Decompression EP” is a deep dive into the world of experimental Dubstep. It’s a musical journey that invites you to explore the boundaries of contemporary Bass Music. With its fusion of diverse musical elements and influences, this EP is not just music; it’s an experience. CRONAM invites you to join him on this sonic voyage, and as he aptly puts it, “Never stop pushing the boundaries.” So, step into the world of “Decompression” and let your mind wander through the intricacies of sound and rhythm. Click on the links below for more info on CRONAM;





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