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Sometimes I keep asking myself how people are able to create music that is soo enticing and soul piercing with just elements of sounds, but then again I realize that is all music is about, the ability to create music with just elements of sounds, it makes you special. But not many are able to do it better like this Seattle-based psychedelic progressive rock band Space Owl, on today’s episode they ask we all listeners to join them on a transcendental journey with their track “FLASK.” This song through-composed masterpiece goes beyond genres and infuses different of them together with inspirations top dawgs like Phish and Frank Zappa while exploring uncharted musical boundaries. So I say get ready to experience the magic of FLASK. Are you gonna be cold or hot afterwards?? Haha let’s find out.

Now this song “FLASK” comes in beautifully as a musical experience like no other, it’s a masterpiece that takes listeners through a labyrinth of enchanting melodies, shifting time signatures, and the different changes that comes with it. See man trust me, you’re gonna be wowed with the surprises this song comes with. What I noticed about this track is how it creates a reflection of the vastness of space and time, while it effortlessly infuses elements of prog rock, jazz fusion, and classical music. One may wonder why this track is soo good and then you realize it was led by the great guitar work of Ari Joshua and then anchored by the tight rhythmic interplay of John Ewing (drums), Bob Lovelace (bass), and David Appelbaum (keyboards), this song “FLASK” just demonstrates Space Owl’s collective musical abilities. The song starts beautifully like an in game music soundtrack then switches off to a more jazz beats with a blend of some reggae like keyboard elements which ensures the listener is glued to find out more and see how this track pans out.

Then as the track goes on you’re met with yet another twist and change in rhythm, it’s like a song in another song, my goodness such creativity is only for the elites. Now this twist actually comes with vocals and it’s soo enjoyable and sing-along too. Leaving you to savour every moment of the track and allowing you to immerse yourself into the atmosphere created by the track. This is how you create music that is enticing, entertaining and enjoyable. And just when you think that’s all I’ve heard it all, you’re met again with another twist I want you to find out. This is a must-listen masterpiece and trust me, you will wish it doesn’t end. One may wonder how Space Owl are soo good with this, but yeah that’s what you get for a decade-long journey that has been marked by a commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new musical frontiers. In this song FLASK you’re allowed to get lost with the different compositions that traverses throughout the song, and then Space Owl want you to explores themes of introspection and transformation, asking we listeners to sit and reflect on the complex nature of life with the lyrics painting a clear image of a soul searching for meaning amidst the chaos of existence.

Well “FLASK” is more than just a song; it goes on to show Space Owl’s endless creativity and how committed they are to their craft. It’s a song that takes listeners through the labyrinth of life, the creativity, the switches, lyrics matches with a top notch delivery just epitomizes the song as a 10/10 project. So go ahead and give this song a mad listen. ENJOY!! Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;





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