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Sometimes the fact that we all holds different views doesn’t mean we ought to disrespect other views that doesn’t align with ours. Everyone deserves a fair hearing of whatever they into, you can’t just hate someone or something that doesn’t conform with you. Sometimes yeah that’s the society we find ourselves in now. Intolerance is something Stacey Kavanagh, a queer artist and vintage keyboard player who comes from Cork, Ireland, teams up with drummer Courtney Rogers to deliver a powerful message in their latest single, “Girls Gays Theys.” This song tho is really beautiful with how it pans out, it’s a cry for tolerance and respect for people’s choices. Stacey with inspiration from top dawgs like Portishead, Massive Attack, and Supertramp, carries this unique blend of musical styles to the table, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. The moment you hit that play button on the song, there’s no going back with its addictive melodies and soft vocals. So grab your seatbelt for an exciting journey.

I know you may be wondering who Stacey is. But see her journey to the music scenes has been nothing short of revelation and transformative. Lemme give you a little gist about her. She struggled and battled with fear and self-doubt for years, something we all in a way or two did from something we feared will take is down. Then she found clarity and motivation after receiving an ADHD diagnosis in 2021. This newfound understanding of herself propelled her to finally pursue her musical dreams, leading to the creation of her debut single, “Christmas Time.” With the help of producer Cormac O’Connor, Stacey began to craft her own sound, infusing fat vintage keyboard tones and touching lyrics into her music. Her journey has been nothing short of inspiration and makes you understand why she released this track.

Now this song “Girls Gays Theys” is a beautiful track that starts beautifully with a low tempo beats that captures the listeners attention, keep them glued and then wait for the surprise that comes with Stacey’s vocals. The song lay emphasis on bigotry and intolerance. Sometimes that’s how life goes, the society turns to accept what they think fits their narrative and pushes them on everyone without considering the consequences of their actions. They don’t care about what they feel and what they to through when all is said and done. So Stacey with an inspiration from a far-right internet poster’s objections to LGBTQ+ sex education books in Irish libraries, graced the opportunity to addresses the importance of representation and acceptance. As you listen to the song you hear lines like “you choose to hate something different to you,” hinting at how society only does what benefits them without considering the rights and peace of everyone. It’s beautiful song that not just fights for people’s rights but also asks we listeners to tolerate each other and everyone irrespective of our choices in life. And she killed it with the tone and beats to ride these touching lyrics on it. Now something to catch up with on Stacey. She grew up in a Catholic household where heterosexuality was the norm, and here she’s reflecting on the impact of not seeing herself represented in books as a child. She muses that if she had encountered lesbian representation at a younger age, she might have avoided years of confusion and unhappiness in her relationships.

Well “Girls Gays Theys” just goes on to demonstrate Stacey’s resilience and determination to make her voice heard. A song that catches your attention with its infectious beats, heartfelt lyrics, and empowering message, I say this song is a masterpiece that deserves your attention. So why don’t you go ahead and give this song a listen and have a wonderful week. ENJOY!! Make sure to check her out on the links below for more;




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