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Today I want you to know something and that is time waits for no man, so anything you do, remember to live in the present and let the past time go away, focus on what’s ahead and build on it. Well I have something unique and different for you music enthusiast, but then the London music scene is in for a treat as celebrated soul-jazz musician Elizabeth Shepherd brings her beautiful Elizabeth Shepherd Trio show from Montreal to Chelsea’s Pizza Express’ The Pheasantry on April 16th. Man now let’s welcome Elizabeth’s latest album dubbed “Three Things”, this album promises to change your music narrative with it’s creativity and innovation. See I been enjoying the album and I must say wow, music has different branches and elements that most of us aren’t aware. So grab your seatbelt and enjoy this rollercoaster ride.

Well you may be wondering who Elizabeth Shepherd is but trust me, with inspirations from jazz luminaries such as Noel Gallagher and Nick Drake, I would say she has really made a niche for herself in the music industry. Her remarkable talent has earned her recognition from prestigious institutions like NPR, BBC Radio 1, and CBC Radio’s Q. With accolades from publications like MOJO and London Evening Standard, Shepherd’s artistry continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Now this album which is Shepherd’s 7th studio album was actually written during the pandemic. What do I always tell you about the pandemic? Well it actually did us good musically and it brought some of the best releases and talent in people, so just know you’re in for a treat with this one. Now this Three Things album is beautiful and very unique, from soulful vocals to infusing different musical elements with jazz and then finding the perfect way to arrange the tracks is wholesome. The album tho captures the essence of home amidst uncertainty. From bird songs to typewriter sounds, “Three Things” just demonstrates Shepherd’s innovative approach to music, infusing everyday sounds into her compositions. Making every track worth your time, from deep lyrics, to relaxing chords that creates a serene atmosphere that allows the listener to embrace the magic of the tracks, connecting them into the feels of the artist is soo beautiful and unmatched. So let’s take a look at some of the tracks and I leave you to enjoy the album.

Bringing the album to life is the lead single “Time.” This song is jazzy and magical. The song lay emphasis on our relationship with time and the moments that shape our lives. Time past is gone and cannot be fetched again, but what we can do is to build on the present so the future can smile at us. Time is money and therefore money lost or spent cannot be retrieved again but can be gained back now. So don’t let what happened yesterday define you today, cos if you fall and you don’t rise up, the time is still ticking and that will definitely affect your life. So are you gonna stay down when trouble comes and devour you, or you gonna get back on your feet and walk again? Time waits for no one so get on your feet and embrace the present, build on it and let what’s gone be gone, what’s ahead is what’s important. This is music at it’s best, with its beautiful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, this song invites listeners to think through the passage of time and the transformative power of living in the present moment. Setting the tone for the listener to go ahead and enjoy the album, the moment you start playing, there’s no going back, because you’re met with a unique distinctive music and makes you wanna explore the next track and trust me, there’s no going back from there.

Another track on the album that’s soo soothing and orgasmic is “Move On”. This track is very unique and amazing, throughout the track there’s this haunting melodies that creates this atmosphere, where you’re lost in the wilderness and voices echoing and telling you to move on. Love lost is love gone, all the memories you had together just lingers. Those were the moments, the times you sit under the stars and count them one by one together, those memories will forever be there but now you know your place and therefore it’s a goodbye. Those haunting atmosphere really adds extra depth of emotions to the soulful vocals and makes it a song that not just resonate with the listener but also becomes a timeless track. Then there’s another track, “All You Need”. This track starts beautifully with a curious atmosphere and anticipation, driving you through different phases of sounds and melodies then finally those magical vocals kicks in and sweeps you away. The song further tells you that all you need is here in the present, so embrace it and live the moment, then it leaves you to enjoy some beautiful instrumental interludes, taking the whole listening experience to a different level. And just when you’re about to be drunk in love with the beats, the vocals tops it with an icing and puts you to bed to what has been an exciting journey on the album. This is how you make an album, the arrangement, lyrics, intricate melodies and above all mesmerizing vocals coupled with top notch delivery, I say this is a solid 10/10 project that deserves your attention.

Well Elizabeth Shepherd’s Three Things album has been nothing but exemplary, laying down the foundation to creativity and innovation. Creating an album that’s enjoyable and relatable, resonating with listeners all over and keeping them glued throughout. I say this is a must-listen masterpiece, so go ahead and give this album a good listen and have a beautiful weekends. ENJOY!! Make sure to check her out on the links below for more;





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