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Sometimes you need this kinda vibe and feeling that’s soo relaxing and intriguing, I mean a song and an atmosphere that just calms your soul and lifts you up calmly. Just imagine a sunny day, relaxing under the trees with a very calm music playing in your ears, the feeling is unmatched and that’s what Dirty Power’s “Gravitas” EP carries. The EP is an eye opener and acts as an ultimate drive into raw emotions. Man the band really cooked with this one and I love every bit of it. From the first track to the last track, you’re taken into different atmosphere that progresses and makes you have a devine time with your emotions. This EP has indeed demonstrated the band’s unique and compelling ability to explore themes of raw emotion and self-exploration. The five track EP, “Gravitas,” is masterpiece that consists of three originals and two covers, reminding listeners of the band’s incredible talent when it comes to exploring the redemptive power of poignant subject matter.

Now the lighting The EP in flames is the track “I Did My Time”. This track is compelling and chilling song that touches on themes of sacrifice and survival. The song starts beautifully with a low tempo tune that creates an atmosphere of this group of soldiers marching to battle while lamenting over the emotional toll such ordeals take on their minds. Then as the song progresses listeners are taken into this contemplating moments where lines such as “I’m tired of falling too”, deeply resonate them forever. The song is magical and very breathtaking, it’s indeed the perfect track to kickstart an EP and I love it. When life kicks your butt and leave you to suffer the consequences of your choices, that’s when you experience the next song dubbed “Said and Done”. This track lifts you up with its mid tempo bass driving drums and keeps you glued to the arrangements of the EP. And just when it’s all said and done, the track “Farewell” pops up. This mellow, sad ballad communicates about the tribulations of human relations. As you listen to the song, you feel how the lyrics lay emphasis on how farewells awakens the real taste of goodbye: “‘Cause everything that’s good comes to an end.” Still under the trees with some winds blowing, you fall in love with this EP more and man, you can’t ignore any track, cos each track offers something unique that’s in sync with the previous.


The song walks you through human disappointment and disruption to unhappy moments. And just when you’ve had a farewell bid, the next track “A Million Miles Away” makes you miss the goodbyes and all the memories. Then the last track “The Foggy Dew,” carries the energy and drive to take you through that foggy weather. In this track you can see Dirty Power’s version of a traditional folk song, demonstrating how Dirty Power shift gears for a tough turn. It’s a song that’s filled with history about the Irish and their bravery under oppression. Sometimes you’ve gotta stand up to your oppressor, you should confirm to their wicked ways just because everyone is agreeing to it. With lines like “I have been to jail” or “We never know” hints at the harsh realities of life even while delivering a message for encouragement and hope. Now this is how you make an EP and signify your stance in the music scenes.

Well this EP “Gravitas” is indeed an eye opener, and just goes on to show that there’s music for everyone and how music is art. Dirty Power really did magic on this one, the way they infused alternative rock with metal and folk to great effect is unmatched and I must say, I love it. See you don’t wanna miss out on this one, my goodness, it’s captivating, intriguing and above all mesmerizing, from lyrics, to beats, production and delivery, I say this is a solid 10/10 EP. So go ahead and give this EP “Gravitas” a listen and have a wonderful weekend! ENJOY!! Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;





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