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It’s not always that you’ve to sacrifice for others, sometimes you need to make the best of sacrifices for yourself too. Take care of yourself when those hard moments come, when that vulnerability hits you, when that reckless behavior sets in, then you need to know you gotta take care of yourself. Because if you don’t , no one will and that’s exactly what Eric Alexandrakis wants us to know in his latest single dubbed “I Love Me(Remix).” This song is just amazing and captivating. The way it explores your inner feelings, turmoil and self-reflection is amazing and not just that but also how it’s set against a backdrop of driving beats and infectious melodies, man you gotta listen to this masterpiece and experience the Weeknd esque vibes. So get on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride as we dive into the song.

Now what’s beautiful about this song is not just the lyrics, delivery and beats but also how as a solo project, Alexandrakis handled all instruments and production, with the track demonstrating his undeniable talent and creativity. So not only are listeners going to enjoy some good music but also gonna have that I can do spirit as well. Well “I Love Me”(Remix) ain’t just any song but a masterpiece with deep lyrics that touches on themes of recklessness, restlessness, and vulnerability. This is something most of us face in life, we tend to recklessly care soo much about others leaving ourselves vulnerable and restless. Like even when at a moment you have to cater for yourself then you’re thinking of the well-being of others. It’s good but remember it you’re not well enough then there will be no one to care for those people again, so in all, love yourself, care for yourself and make sure you get the best before extending a helping hand or loving someone. As the song progresses you realize how it carries this shake of your worries vibe, especially at night party or home alone where you dance crazily and shake your head and jump so hard in joy and happiness like you there’s no one watching. The song is asking you to escape that emotional trauma and worries and take care of yourself. What’s unique about the song is how the intensity grows as the song goes on, you realize how the artist struggles with the feelings of fear and uncertainty and that’s what we all feel when vulnerability sets in and that’s when we ought to face it.

Well “I Love Me (Remix)” is an intriguing masterpiece, the way the song infuses different melodies with its driving beats and energy, coupled with deep resonating lyrics, I say it’s a solid 10/10 project from Eric Alexandrakis, the raw emotions hits hard and strikes the soul of the listener and gets them glued to the song while offering hope even in their vulnerable state. So why don’t you go ahead and give this song a listen and experience the magic with Eric Alexandrakis. A song to start your week beautifully,ENJOY! Make sure to check him out on the links below for more;





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