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Not many times people get the change on big platforms to demonstrate their talent and sometimes when people get it too, you realize how the tension and pressure outweighs their talent and makes them fumble. Well I’ve got one coke studio collaboration here with artist Colin Stauber, the beloved music sensation in Southern California, who recorder a live album from the Coke Studio and man o man, this probably one of the best live recordings I’ve heard. And trust me, you gonna be blown away by this talent, precision and the way he sings beautifully on those melodic beats. Well what beautiful about this collaboration is how it acts as a stepping stone and a new beginning for Stauber’s storied career and serves as Coke Studio’s thrilling debut in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Well in case you don’t know, Stauber has been on big platforms like Red Bull, MTV, and LA Weekly, where he killed it and made him a trailblazing musical artist dedicated to utilizing the healing power of music for good.

Well one may ask them why coke studio? This collaboration actually opens up an incredible chapter not only in his career but also in his mission to transform as many communities as possible with the soul and the pure instrument of music. As the famous music journalist Jerry Wilson said, “Colin Stauber has made it his life’s mission to use the healing power of music the best he can.” And trust me when you hit that play button and the album starts playing , you get intoxicated with the melodies and lyrics of each song. The album consumes you and transport you into the healing atmosphere of Colin Stauber. An experience where the broken hearted finds a new heart to walk the earth, a place where the vulnerable finds strength to love again, a place where the afflicted finds courage to move on, a place where the oppressed gathers courage to stand up to their oppressor and the lost finds their way and hope. It’s magical and beautiful, especially with those guitar strings ringing in your ears and the lyrics softly piercing your soul and connecting you into the feels of the artist, I say you’re welcome to experience the healing power of music like no other. So enjoy your ride while we speed through some of the tracks.

The first track that sparks the album to life is the track “Fall.” This track is beautiful soulful melody that preaches of support, and unwavering resilience, offering hope that in every situation you won’t let someone important in your life fall. Hold unto them, don’t let go off them, provide that support, that need and be their pillar of hope and strength. It’s short, simple but very deep and resonating. The song gives the listener hope and asks them to keep going and and never fall. I love how Stauber echoes hope and courage against the backdrop of a heartwarming melody as his voice acts as a light in uncertain darkness.

Then another track that just hits you with chills is “I’ll Be There”. This song tho, man very enticing and enjoyable, the way the song characterizes Stauber as a reliable support for anyone who needs it is crazy. Then the song just transcends to the listener to be a beacon of hope to the people around them, provide for them emotionally, physically and mentally. Be someone that someone can rely on and be there for them. What I love about this song is how spirited it is and the way it is intended to depict Stauber’s exuberant devotion and empathy is wholesome. Then closing the album is the track “High”. This is powerful track that just gives the listener strength. It’s like someone telling you no matter what, they got your back, and they keep telling you, they never gonna leave you and will always hold their heads high for you. Then in whatever happens you know someone’s got your back so you also don’t give up, and you keep holding your head high and moving. Man the feeling that someone believes in you and wants to see you thrive and supports you in everything is unmatched and that’s what this song provides. Wow, the moment you hit that play button, you’re stuck in awe and wish the songs never ended. The way he arranged those beauties are wholesome and beautiful.

Well this album “Colin Stauber live at Coke Studio (Deluxe Edition) is just musical orgasm, it pierces you, mould you, makes you and then pushes you to thrive. Colin Stauber really did magic on this one and trust me, it’s just music, it’s life, it’s food and above all amazing. From those soulful melodies to deep resonating lyrics, topped up with top notch delivery, I say this project is a 10/10 and thus becomes a must-listen. So go ahead and give this Album a shot and enjoy your week. ENJOY!! Make sure to check him out on the links below for more;





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