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The singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist “Pranatricks”, the real jack of all trades and the master of all, is back again with a new song called “Birds and the Bees” which was released on November 17, 2023. This new song is actually a preview of his upcoming sophomore album titled “Elements of” which is set to be released on April 4, 2024. Fans Pranatricks have been eating really good lately, not gonna lie.

“Birds and the Bees” is actually a song that talks about love and misunderstanding. You know love doesn’t grow without communication and if there’s a misunderstanding always then there’s an issue within your communication. Love is beautiful, love is kind but it can’t be perfect without it flaws, which misunderstandings are part of it total package. And this song gives deep thoughts about those two elements that you would love. The Rhodes piano, drums, percussion, synth lines, double vocal lines and the electric guitar all come together to make this song so amazing you’ll feel like you’re levitating when you’re listening to the song.

“Birds and the Bees” was originally written in 2011 and recorded in different home studios across Vancouver. The trumpets in the song which was played by Anthony Shackell was added in Pranatricks’ studio in the Comox Valley earlier this year. And don’t even get me started with the music video, with the back drop of the video as a wood stove and filmed on a cool autumn afternoon, the video perfectly complements the song.

“Birds and the Bees” shows how much Pranatricks’ storytelling and song writing has evolved since his debut and as a preview of “Elements of”, there’s no doubt about it that the album is gonna be fire!!!. If this is your first time coming across the name “Pranatricks” then you most definitely have to check out his other release because he’s more than good, a solid 10/10 artist. So go ahead and stream “Birds and the Bees” as we wait for the album and get a taste of what’s to come. Make sure to check him out on the links below;





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