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Need something that will help you relax and kill time? Not just killing your time but also giving you the vibes and songs you need to hear at that particular time? Then I got this album for you,”VARIABLE MIRA” and it takes us on an amazing musical journey through time. Plasman, the creative mind behind this album, has made a unique mix of tracks that gives the listener an experience like no other.

The album is divided into two distinctive narrative blocks. The first trio including “Variable Mira,” “No Gravity Landing,” and “Banyan Walk,” draws from the ambient tradition. These tracks create an atmosphere gives a sense of timelessness and serenity. In contrast, the second part which includes “Levitating Chords,” “Lost Dimension,” and “Neon Plant,” takes a turn letting the listener experience a state of ecstasy. “VARIABLE MIRA” is a tribute to the joy of creativity, rooted in well-known musical environments. What counts most in this situation is how people and technology interact. We are closer to the inherent flaws and originality present in the natural world due to the spontaneous nature of the record and the lack of digital controls.

“VARIABLE MIRA”,  inspired by  musicians like Jonathan Fitoussi and DSR Lines,  combines artificial components with recurrent patterns and actions seen in nature. Like celestial things in the night sky, each track is a complicated interaction of solids and voids. Plasman’s creative process involves vintage synthesizers, modular systems, and analog sequencers, all captured on magnetic tape. His musical journey, inspired by the cosmos and the possibilities of machines, takes listeners to different dimensions through amazing sounds. His musical journey began in the mid-1990s and “VARIABLE MIRA” is the sum of years of musical exploration.

In a world of digital perfection, “VARIABLE MIRA” stands as proof of the enduring beauty of analog imperfection and the connection between the artist, the machine and the listener. Go give it a listen and trust me you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to click on the links below for more info;




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