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Punk Rock fans are having a feast this month, man. And it’s no doubt lots of those genres are coming through hard and banging. Today I’ve got the band “Coma Beach” and they back again with another song that fans have be waiting for for a very long time. See it’s not easy to make good music but these guys man they make it effortlessly. How they blend and complement each other in their songs makes the song a different animal, and without doubt heir latest track “Another song” is one of the best songs on their debut album “The Scapegoat’s Agony”. Well and I’m here to tell you, this is a track you do not wanna miss out on.

Coma Bach is band that draws inspiration from bands like Sex Pistols, Ramones, H眉sker D眉 and Joy Division. Because they’re all from different genres, that is how they combine different genres to make music that sounds Soo unique and perfect, infact it’s something different from the usuals and trust me it’s lit馃敟馃敟. Coma Beach is made up of singer B. Kafka, guitarist Captain A. Fear, and drummer M. Lecter, with bassist U. Terror and rhythm guitarist M. Blunt, these guys together make some of the best music in the world.

“Another song” is actually the 11th song on their album “The Scapegoat’s Agony” and one of the best songs on the album. This song talks about the struggles in life and how harsh reality really is. Sometimes in life we’ve to accept that not everything can go well and it’s the reality many fail to accept. It’s like a soccer game, it’s either you win, loose or draw, but at the end of the day players gets injured, fans goes through difficult emotions, the joy and sadness that comes with the results but in the end that’s the reality. Sometimes the better team will give their all and end up loosing and that’s the harsh reality we’ve got to accept.With the beats, the lyrics and delivery, the songs tells the story with no difficulties. This is indeed one of the best songs ever made that talks about the ups and downs in life. Life’s like a rollercoaster, the joy, the terror, the suspense and the upsets, but what have we got to do? We’ve to sing Another Song.

In “Another Song”, you feel the punk rock energy very well because every band member tries their very best to polish every input they make to perfection. This song just shows you how really good the album itself will be if this song is just a little preview. Each song has lyrics that makes you feel like you’re floating. This song tells listeners to face the chaos in their life in order to find peace and meaning. So please don’t miss out on this masterpiece, give it a listen and it might be exactly what you’re looking for.聽Don’t forget to click on the links below for more info;







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