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Love love love, but have you found one track that speaks about it better? Oh you haven’t I bet cos everyone was waiting for 59 Perlen, the electronic artist to release his single Horizon and well well I’m here to tell you it’s here and it’s beautiful. The track that acts as a preview to his upcoming album “Forget About The Music”. Mmm I can sense something tasty in there cooking haha..don’t worry cos I know it’s gonna be one hell of an album and we all can’t wait to feast on it. The album is gonna be available both vinyl and digital formats on January 12, 2024 but until then it’s this masterpiece dubbed “Horizon”.

With a shift from his previous single “The Worst Thing To Live Without,” “Horizon” comes in as something unique filled with deeper emotions and intriguing sounds that asks listeners to embrace love and deeper connection. A song that everyone can relate to. Love is brave, love is kind but sometimes love becomes painful and regretful but are we gonna let those familiar stuffs derail us from enjoying love?? Horizon says embrace it instead and make the best out of every moment shared. This song is an amazing and I must commend 59 Perlen on this masterpiece. His ability to break musical boundaries with unique sound is evident in this song and you can feel talent in there, wow. The song has got this dance vibe on a relax tone making it a perfect song for celebrating this Christmas as well. Those electronic elements are evident and gives it a party vibe under the lights haha, I love that. As the third single from the upcoming album and with this much heat in it hahaha I can feel the energy and vibe from the album already. It’s gonna be scary but not for us, but the industry. Horizon also comes with a music video and oh my goodness a must watch that complements the storyline so well and gives more depth to the song.

As we continue to wait for Forget About The Music album, see go check out those other two releases on the album and come back here to give me my flowers. “Horizon” from 59 Perlen is a must listen song, so go ahead and give it a maad listen and experience what good music tastes like. Make sure to check him out on the links below for more;





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