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One thing I know is that music can make you feel better even when your day is ruined, but have you enjoyed an album to an extent that it makes you feel You’re in a different world where all your worries are gone and all you hear is the noisy beats ringing through your ears. Where you feel supercharged and elevated to an extent of not feeling your environment, and all you wanna do is enjoy that noisy music. Well Underdog, the pulsating force in Boston’s alternative rock scene, who have become a force in music scenes with their distinctive sound that blends punk, post-punk, and classic rock influences has an album for us dubbed “Trans Global Amnesia”. The band which was Formed in 2013 by Scott Ferguson and Bryn Carlson, has had a beautiful musical journey that has been nothing short of excitement The band known for their energetic performances, has risen through the ranks and are going for the crown, so you should know you’re in for a treat.

What’s beautiful about the band is their experience. Well Scott and Bryn, with a history dating back to the 1980s, have been a force in various Boston bands, which has helped them to create a bond that laid the foundation for Underdog. Their pen game is elite and I love the way they share that, infact it gave birth to the release of their first album, “Ether Dome,” in September 2020. Now that album is something you can’t miss, my goodness it’s total music in there and I love how they have evolved to give us their second powerhouse album, “Trans Global Amnesia.” You may not have heard and that means you probably not in this world, but Underdog’s accolades really speak volumes about their impact on the music scene. Not only have they claimed the No. 1 charting alternative band spot in Boston and the region on Reverbnation for over five years, but they have also reached impressive positions on national and global charts.

Now this album, “Trans Global Amnesia,” comes in as a 12-song powerhouse of sonic hi-jinx and mayhem. The album, entirely written by Scott, carries the band’s unique identity, especially with tracks like “Summer Song,” “Echo of a Dream,” and “You Told Me”, the band delivers raw, rowdy, and unmatched energy, showcasing their mastery of alt rock dynamics. Kick-starting the album to life is the opening track “You Told Me”. See eh this song is magical, I love how the song starts with those noisy guitar riffs, which beautifully engages the listener to feel like this is gonna be an up tempo song, then takes a different turn and brings in this energetic mid tempo beats that captures listeners’ attention and keeps them glued, entertained and take them into the world of the artist. The song gives you this amnesia esque vibes that you don’t wanna get out of it. Wow, such a magical masterpiece. The vocals are solid and adds depth of emotions to the song. The lyrics? Haha just get on the song and experience that pen game.

Another song on the album that gonna blow you away is, “Summer Song.” This song beautifully captures the essence of seasonal adventures. I love those catchy lyrics and infectious hooks, man you can hit play and pause, as soon as you start there’s no going back. If you adventure, vacations and all those road trips, this song gives the exact vibes you need with it sing-along lyrics and catchy hooks. Then there’s this song “Echo of a Dream,” which touches on themes of surreal realms of dreamscapes. See there’s a track for everyone and that’s why you should get on this album and feel the vibe and amnesia in those beats.

With “Trans Global Amnesia,” Underdog proves that their musical journey knows no boundary. The fusion of Scott and Bryn’s musical abilities, coupled with the band’s unapologetic energy, they have created an album that resonates with both new and existing fans. So what are you waiting for huh? Go ahead and give this album a listen and treat yourself to some good music this Valentine. ENJOY!! Make sure to check them out on the links below for more;






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