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You ever lost someone Soo dear to you? Someone you ever wanted to protect, someone you adored and cherished. But in the end it’s all tears and pains and that’s what this EP has to offer, an emotional journey through love,loss and remembrance. If you’re someone who’s been listening to Marilyn’s music over the years then you’d know when she drops an EP like this then all hell breaks loose!. Since the announcement of this EP, people have been eagerly waiting for the release of “Kristoffer” for what feels like a decade. Unlike most of Marilyn’s other songs, “Kristoffer” is very very motional journey through love, loss and remembrance and that makes it Soo special and beautiful. So are you ready to go on this amazing journey together? Well get on the bus let’s dive into this masterpiece.

“Kristoffer” is unlike anything Kiirstin Marilyn has ever made because this EP was inspired by the tragic loss of her beloved brother, Kristoffer, who left us in May 2021. Every song on this EP takes you on an emotional journey that let’s you feel exactly what Marilyn is feeling and that is exactly what makes this EP different and unique from anything she has ever made.

The EP starts off with “Beyond The Bad”. A song that lets you know the pain Marilyn is really in. The lyrics paints a picture grief with Kiirstin remembering the happy moments and the pics she took with her phone and how anytime she looks at the pictures she remembers how it was and how she felt when her brother was around. The lyrics, the vocals and the delivery will tell you everything you need to know about what she’s really going through.

Another song on the EP that’s really emotional and will leave you in tears is “Twenty-Five”. This songs lets you understand how she felt watching her little brother grow over the years. With this song, Marilyn tells us how it feels to watch someone being born, watch them grow, try as much as you can to protect them and how it breaks your heart to watch them leave like this. This is without one of the best songs on the EP. “Twenty-Five” talks about how we have to accept that we’re human and we have to accept the fact that we all have to leave this world someday.

The song that ends this EP is “Older”. Kiirstin talks about how it feels to be 10 years older than someone and how she watched her little brother from when he was just a day old to watching him grow and how it broke her heart to see Kristoffer leave like that. “Older” also talks about the relationship between older siblings and their younger siblings and the challenges they go through while trying their very best to protect their little siblings from the difficulties and harsh realities of life. “Older” is without a doubt, the most perfect ending for “Kristoffer” and it lets you know exactly how Marilyn is feeling and what she’s really going through.

“Kristoffer” is literally among the top 4 best EP’s I’ve listened to the entire year. This isn’t just an EP, “Kristoffer” is a tribute, a life story and so much more. In the words of Kiirstin Marilyn, “I just want people to know my brother and his story.” “Kristoffer” is very personal and emotional work of art that anyone who listens to, can feel the pain and the struggle Kiirstin is going through as a result of the absence of her little brother. Marilyn has beautifully shown how hard it is to lose someone who meant a lot to you and that is what makes this a very special EP. If you’re a fan of Kiirstin Marilyn, you’d know this is way different from anything she has ever made. So go a head, give “Kristoffer” a listen and feel Marilyn pouring her heart and emotion in every song, ENJOY!!!. Do check her out on the links below;

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