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If you’ve been listening to Hip-Hop, Soul and R&B for lately then you’ve probably been hearing a new name in these genres making his way to the top, song by song, release after release. Admit it, there’s no way you haven’t heard of the name “Matt McKnzi” lately, like there’s absolutely no way, man. Matt isn’t just your regular artist, he’s a singer, a songwriter and a producer too. Talent overdose in one person and that should give you a glimpse of what to expect, a masterpiece that’s amazingly crafted for us to enjoy.

Matt is back again with a new single, “Atlas”, with which he proves to everyone he’s not just some rookie when it comes to making music. Fame and popularity aside, i can bet that Matt makes music way better than your mainstream favourite artist. Yes that’s how good his music is and especially with this new single he goes all out.

“Atlas” is actually the second single from McKnzi’s upcoming debut EP, “Ghost”. “Atlas” is a song everyone most definitely gotta listen to. It’s a song that talks about what society really wants from men and how men try their very best to break free from the Judgment society makes. From the very opening of the song to the ending, the beats and lyrics of “Atlas” will have you saying “Wow. The lyrics about it feels like to carry the weight of the world. It lets us see how it feels like to live your life only following what people say and what others expect of you. Are we gonna follow society standards? Are we gonna let people dictate our lives? C’mon Atlas says don’t let people dictate your life, don’t let what they think and say about you influence your life but that doesn’t mean be reckless with your life cos it’s your own life. The lyrics, the delivery and beats gets you so hooked, you can’t help but listen to the song to the very end.

“Atlas” is more than just a song. It shows how talented McKnzi and the dedication he has to polishing his ability to make music to perfection. With “Atlas”, McKnzi tells everyone he’s not just a rookie in the music industry. With the beats, lyrics and delivery, you can clearly see exactly that Matt makes music that listeners of all ages can enjoy and relate to. “Atlas” is a very emotional song that describes how it feels like to live your life trying to meet society’s standards. So go ahead and give “Atlas” a listen, it more than deserves a spot on your playlist, man, ENJOY!!! Don’t forget to check McKnzi on the links below;






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