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Anyone who’s been a fan of chill French pop would recognize the name “La Biche” even in their sleep. Known throughout the French chill pop genre for making songs that have deep meaningful lyrics, she’s back again with her latest single, “ÉTHER.”

As soon as you hit the play button, the beats of “ÉTHER” will have you levitating because it’s something you’ve never heard before. It’s literally an escape from reality, the suspense and the curiosity to find out how the rest of the song pans out,wow that’s crazy and beautiful. After her last song “Combien” which was a global hit, you could see some people on social media saying she couldn’t pull off another song like that again but here we are with “ÉTHER”, proving to anyone who doubted her that she’s indeed, the Queen of French chill pop. Being a combination of dream pop and cloud rap, “ÉTHER” is a song that will have you desperately looking for her older songs just to get more from her.

La Biche included a quote from Aristotle to “ÉTHER” that just changes the whole outlook of the track. The quote goes like this , “Beyond our palpable reality, there is a space, pure, far from our world, superior…”. This just proves “ÉTHER” is more than just an ordinary song, it sounds like something that’s really out of this world, just amazing.

La Biche refuses to have her music put under a category. She sees her music as a pure form of art which is free from being categorized. Her passion for making music actually started from her father’s passion for music and piano. Through this song, La Biche shows the entire world she can make music that feels like something from another universe and you can’t help but keep on listening to her music repeat.ENJOY!! Don’t forget to check her out from the links below;




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